August 18, 2015

Local Cincinnati: Frameri #MadeToChange

Frameri d

If you haven't been introduced, I'm excited to share Frameri with you today.

Frameri is a Cincinnati based company, doing absolutely amazing things in the world of eyewear! You may have seen the company on Shark Tank. Or if you're local, maybe if you've stopped into their new showroom on Race Street.

Frameri a

The concept is simple {and pretty genius} -- it's the freedom to change your glasses as often as you change your clothes or shoes. As an accessory lover, this functional mantra speaks to my style soul. I'm always on the look out for simple, creative ways to change my look and swapping frames in a snap is perfect for me.

After trying on each of the collections, I settled on the Magellan frame from the Tidal Collection. Once I had the frame shape decided, it was time to narrow down the color scheme for the frame and lens. Choosing the frame wasn't all too difficult since I tend to gravitate towards certain styles, but the color decision? It was by far the toughest choice for me. Initially I eyed the cheetah {hello animal print obsession} frame, but my sister encouraged me buck my instinct for neutrals. Per usual, she was right on and I opted for a beautiful ruby frame and stuck with the red theme by pairing it with the sunset gradient lens.


The folks at Frameri were so helpful and knowledgeable that it made the entire process all the more fun. But one thing I wasn't expecting was for the frame and lens to be customized in less than 15 minutes. Granted these aren't prescription lens, but still I was SUPER impressed with the both the premium quality and stealth like turn-around time. 

Frameri e

If you're looking for a new pair of frames {sunglasses or optical} I highly suggest checking out Frameri. And if you're a local, definitely check out the showroom. 

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