September 3, 2015

Fantasy Football & A Plea for Help

September, it's really a magical time of year. For all of the obvious fashion related reasons, I love the September and the beginning of fall. But what some of you might be surprised to learn is that I also love September for another reason -- the return of the NFL and more importantly the return of Fantasy Football. 

Who's ready for some Thursday night football?! #whodey #tnf

If you're here for the outfits, you can skip the rest of this post. But if by chance you're a fashion forward sports enthusiast by all means please keep reading. September for me means the return of scarves and trash talking on message boards. It's the return of antagonizing over starting line ups, while trying to pick a stylish sports appropriate outfit.

{From Reds baseball season, but I hope you see my point}

Draft Day {one of my favorite holidays of the year} brings together my love for color coding and craft beer selection. It also means hitting pause on my Spotify playlist, in lieu of my favorite Fantasy Football podcast - ESPN's Fantasy Focus Football aka the "06010". If you're a football fan, I highly encourage you to check it out. It's typically laughable {in a good way}, sometimes informative {it's helped me win my league}, but mostly it's the best fantasy football podcast out there.

It's magical.

Last year, I attempted to gain entry into their listener league with no avail. Not be discouraged {I'm no quitter} I tried again this year, resending my email with a follow up summarizing my league accomplishment's last year {3 leagues, 3 championships}. Still, no response. And with 1 spot left in the 16 team All-Woman's League I need to get creative. So here we are, a dedicated blog post.

Oh hey Marvin Lewis!
{Yes, that's Bengal's coach Marvin Lewis. I am a fan.}

So if you've read through all of that and you'd like support my efforts to be named to the LAST SPOT in The 00610's First All-Woman's League -- please send encouraging words, thoughts, or hell peer pressure out to Matthew Berry via twitter or instagram. Be sure to include me {@lizurso} so I can send lots of praise and virtual hugs! :)

// End rant

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