October 20, 2015

Odds On Favorite

Queen City Vignette 3

Queen City Vignette 5

Queen City Vignette 6

Queen City Vignette 1

Queen City Vignette 2

Queen City Vignette 4

TopBanana Republic • VestAnthropologie  Pants: Ann Taylor • Jewelry: Stella & Dot Boots: Sam Edelman

I wore this outfit over the weekend for a photoshoot with Queen City Vignette and Thread Cincinnati {more to come on that front}. But I'm loving this outfit so much, I'm thinking of re-purposing it for Breeder's Cup Halloween weekend. And by re-purpose I basically mean re-wear. I'll likely need to wear a full winter coat and may switch out the jewelry, but otherwise I think this look is the odds on favorite.

It's funny, I actually had zero idea what I'd wear to the #ThroneProject shoot. Which as an obsessive compulsive planner, is way outside my comfort zone. I ended up laying out all my glam pieces across my bed that morning and started mixing and matching from there. And what do you know, for a non-planned ensemble, I think this turned out quite well.

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