November 19, 2015

Bené || #BenéBoss

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TopBR • Jacket: Target • Jeans: J Brand • Necklace: Stella & Dot • Scarf: Bené

There is nothing like a great scarf. The only better than a great scarf, in my opinion, is a scarf with a great purpose. I am Bené {meaning good} because I have the freedom to be me. Because I have the privilege to collaborate with a group of talented bloggers. Because creativity is beautiful. #BenéBoss

Bené is a scarf company committed to providing education to girls in Ghana. The actual #BenéBosses, Michelle and Sasha, were inspired by a study abroad trip to Ghana. In 2013, they made their vision a reality as they partnered with SISTAWorks to invest in the girls' tuition, supplies, uniforms, and eventually their future as self-sufficient women. Each scarf purchased directly benefits the girls in Ghana. 

So yeah, this scarf is my new favorite. Style points for sure, but more importantly for merit.
Buy a scarf, educate a girl. That's a mission I change get behind. And so can you. 

Check out Bené, find a scarf that tickles your style fancy and use the code THREADCINCY for 15% off your purchase. Shopping never felt so good. 

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