January 25, 2016

A Belated Year In Review

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I have a tendency to get an idea and run with it. But in 2016, I'm working on slowing down a bit. And by slowing down, I mean be more intentional. I'll be the first one to tell you that my mood ebs and follows based on the people I'm around. That's "E" in my ENTJ personally. I get energized by the people around me and sometimes that leads to running and acting on things quickly.

So in an effort to slow down, I hit pause on my 2015 year in review a few weeks back. Every year I write this post {here's 2014, 2013, 2012, 2011}, and usually I spend an afternoon gathering my favorite outfits of the year and putting a few words together. So after working on this post for about an hour and in the process of hitting publish, I stopped myself, and hit save instead.

My favorite outfits aren't changing. But I wanted to hit pause and come back to this post now in mid January. The dust of the holidays and New Year has worn off and I feel like I can look back at 2015 a bit more honestly.

2015, was definitely an interesting year personally. There were a lot of ups, but just a many downs. I wouldn't say I'm usually an emotional person {see the enTj reference above}-- but if I had to sum up 2015 in one would it be emotional.

How does that relate to this blog and my style? My hunch is that's part of the reason I started gravitating towards simpler, more neutral styles. That might just be my tastes changing, but I think in general I started looking for a bit of simplicity wherever I could find it.

I also started to wear pieces I love more. My favorite clothes make me feel good. I feel more comfortable and confident. More like myself. So it's no surprise there are a lot of ankle/skinny pants in this recap.

So what's this all to say?
Well I've been putting the intentional closet mantra into practice for a few weeks now and it's sticking. So I'll be here in 2016, rocking my uniform. This place, like my favorite pieces of clothes, makes me feel good. So for as long as that holds true, I'll be here in all my ankle pants and statement necklace glory.

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