January 11, 2016

Capsules by Cladwell

Having a blog for as many years as I have, you start to realize a few things. Be it trends, favorite silhouettes, shopping habits, outfit mishaps {lots of mishaps}. There is a lot of STUFF out there.

26 and Counting2yrs

And towards the end of the year I started thinking about 2016. What I wanted to focus on personally, professionally, blog wise, the whole gambit. I'm not big on "resolutions" per say, but I definitely was feeling the urge to make some changes. One particular theme I kept finding myself coming back to was simplicity. 

In blog terms {and personally as well}, simplicity in dressing AND shopping. I'll be the first one to laughingly tell people I have a shopping problem. I say it with a laugh, because it cuts the tension. But the truth is, I kind of have a shopping problem. Before you get concerned, it's not a SERIOUS problem. But I like to shop. It's a hobby. It relaxes me when I'm stressed. It's part of usual routine and life. I like shopping, A LOT. 

But I've reached a point now where my closet and my clothes are overwhelming. It's almost suffocating really. I need to pair things down. And what's funny {or odd you might say} is that I've been wearing a streamlined version of outfits for a few years now. But that hasn't really changed my shopping habits. 

By now, I'm sure you've heard the idea of a capsule wardrobe. I've been there before {see the thread of 30x30 outfits from years ago}. I'm not particularly interested in being that regimented about my sartorial choices. However I'm very interested in overhauling my current closet and my consumption habits. That's where Cladwell comes in. 


Cladwell is Cincinnati based start-up {hey neighbor, hey} that focuses on doing away with clutter. SIGN ME UP.

And that's what I did. I was contacted Cladwell about their business and the timing couldn't have been more perfect. I was overwhelmed with the thought of de-cluttering and Cladwell was part of the solution. They provided the inspiration and encouragement via videos. As well as the tool to analyze what I had and what I didn't {which honestly isn't much see shopping problem above}. I provided the leg work and my apartment ended up being the unfortunate backdrop {aka large mess} to what became a 48 hour overhaul of my closet. 

But before the closet clean out could happen, I sent the night with Cladwell. I poured over the videos and Capsule Tool.


And their mission? It's basically summarizes my rambling post in 4 simple points:
1. Know And Accept Yourself
2. Shop Intentionally
3. Create Awesome Outfits From Your Closet
4. Buy Quality Over Quantity

So I hunkered down, went through {almost} every item of clothing in closets, my 2 dressers, under my bed, and in storage. I set aside everything I did NOT love. I thought it would be hard, but it was a lot easier than I thought now that I was committed to the concept.

The next step of the capsule tool was identifying my color palette and completing their assessment tool. I record the activities in my life, what types of items I wear {or want to wear} for them, and how much variety I need for each. And in the end it gave me a guide for how many items I need in certain categories. And one step further, it came up with a shopping list for the {few} holes identified.

Coming up next, what I did with the nearly 100+ items that didn't make the cut... 

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