January 12, 2016

My Closet Clean Out & Poshmark

So that closet clean out, it was no-joke. After trying on, sorting, and then re-trying on, I had a rather large pile of clothes. Nothing against the clothes, but I just did not love them anymore. It wasn't the their fault though, really. We had a nice run of it. Some were due to changes in style. A lot was due to fit. Others were just pieces that I bought on a whim and didn't really need. After 2 days of trying on all my clothes, I ended up with a pretty spectacular discard pile.  


Rather than go to my local consignment store, I opted to sign up for Poshmark. My friend Preeti really tipped my hand when she explained how easy and simple the site was to use. And she was absolutely right. I signed up, started listing clothes, and before the weekend was over I had 4 or 5 sales. I will say uploading my 90+ listing was definitely time consuming, but it's definitely been worth the effort. 


If you haven't used Poshmark, I highly recommend it for shopping or selling. And if you're looking for any gently used size 10/12 pieces check out my closet. And if you're interested in signing up for Poshmark yourself, use code JHDJS to save $10. 

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