March 18, 2016


I love a good Flashback Friday, so let's take a trip down the March Memory lane shall we? 

Dressed Up Chambray - March 2015
This is one of my favorite outfits from last year. And it's one I gravitate towards when I am struggling with what to wear in the morning. The silk printed top is unique and paired with chambray and navy I think it's a perfect spring/summer suit. 

Oh Hello There - March 2014
2/26/14 5
There are some tried and true favorites with this look. While my animal print heels still need replacing, I love and get a ton of wear out of my maroon ankle pants and H&M mixed leather blazer. I may need to re-create this look again soon!

3/8/13 4
I rarely wear pencil skirts anymore, in fact I've sold most of my collection on Poshmark, but this yellow pencil is piece I just can't part with. It's classic and the mustard color is so vibrant. I know I'll continue wear it, but for the time being it's sparingly.

What's your favorite look of the 3? Share in the comments.

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