February 26, 2009

Current Addictions

My family has an inclination towards obsessive tendencies-my mom with all things star trek (next generation, not captain kirk), my dad with sports and recently O’bama (no really, he loooooves O’bama), while my current infatuation is LOST. It originally started out of boredom when I was living (or stationed) in Indiana (another story for another day) and it’s slowly grown into a full blown addiction.

If you’re a lost fan, I highly encourage you to check out this site, http://www.lostaddictsblog.com/. If you’re hard core like myself, check out Doc Jensen’s recaps and analysis at http://www.ew.com/.

Other addictions, although not quite as hard core as my LOST habit include:
- low fat strawberry smoothies from Panera
- apartment searching on craiglist
- along with apartment searching, browsing apartment decor and decoarting ideas

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Public Blogging

In some fashion, I've been blogging since before the term 'blogging' was known to most. If I had to make a guess, I'd say somewhere since 2000 I've had some version of an online outlet. But my "blogs" have almost always been in a private, or less than public version. This will be my attempt to write about everyday things that I feel comfortable sharing with any friend, acquaintance, or passerby. Although, admittedly, I have some fears about finding topics on a regular basis to write about.

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