October 23, 2013

Oh the weather outside is...weather

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TopOld Navy • Cardigan: LOFT • Pants: The LImited • Shoes: Halogen via Nordstrom

I was pretty tempted to name this post "sweater weather".... but then I saw an onslaught of other blog posts with the same title and rather than be cliche I'll just say I'm little bitter that I didn't think of it sooner... ;)

Anyway, it's officially cold here in Ohio. And while that's great for layered looks and jackets, it's absolutely freezing for outfit photos. Is it too early to start the count down to warmer weather?

p.s. if you get the movie reference of this post title then we're true friends!

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October 22, 2013

What Have You

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Top: J Crew Factory • Blazer: Target • Pants: The LImited • Shoes: Madewell

I have a tendency to be a bit obsessive, particularly when I find something I love. So when it comes to clothing that typically means I buy multiples of my favorite items. Or when it comes to TVs I just can't seem to help myself but spend an entire weekend marathoning my newest obsession. But before I get on a tangent about Olivia Pope, let's bring it back to my point: these pants.

If you've read this blog for a while, you know I practically live in ankle pants. And while I've tried a few different styles/brands/whathaveyou here and there I keep coming back to this style from the Limited. So when presented with opportunity to add some color to my stack of my black slacks I couldn't resist.

But I am not totally without willpower. I have yet to add any fall colored Tippi sweaters to my collection.

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October 21, 2013

OnlineShoes.com Merrell Style Contest!

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Online Shoes 5

Online Shoes 4

Online Shoes 6

Top & Scarf: J Crew • Jacket: Gap • Jeans: J Brand • ShoesMerrell c/o OnlineShoes.com

I'm excited to be participating in this month's OnlineShoes.com style contest! With fall in full effect, I jumped at the chance to style these Merrell Haven Autumn boots. Not only are they a great addition to a casual fall outfit, they're functional too. Merrell's shoes are perfect for days when you're outside in the cool weather or when you have a day full of walking around and running errands.

For my outfit I opted to pair these boots with a simple striped top and my go-to army green jacket. And it should be no surprise to see my trusty animal print scarf thrown in to finish the outfit off.

Be sure to check out the OnlineShoes blog and the other stylish bloggers here. And if you wouldn't mind voting for me, I'd really appreciate it! In case you need a little incentive anyone who votes is eligible to win a $500 OnlineShoes giftcard as well. With the winnings you snag a few pairs of boots for yourself! Talk about tempting....

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October 16, 2013


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Top: Ann Taylor • Scarf: Ann Taylor Pants: Express • Shoes: Madewell

My affinity for scarves is apparently still going pretty strong. Sure I love jewelry as much as the next girl, but if given the option between necklace or scarf, I'd chose scarf almost every time. And being the scarf fanatic that I am, I found myself bringing this lovely home with me last week {apparently my car just averts to Ann Taylor now before going home}. Between the cute pattern, the fact that it was over-over-sized, and a sale I couldn't resist this gem was added to my growing collection. A collection which is now spilling out of my scarf rack/organizer/thing. If that isn't a cue for a weekend trip to Ikea, I don't know what is!

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October 14, 2013

First & Last

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Top: LOFT • Blazer: Zara • Pants: LimitedNecklace: Ann Taylor • Shoes: Madewell

Seeing as today was {hopefully} my last first day of school, I figured it was only fitting to sport a schoolboy blazer. And thankfully my new exact stretch maroon pants arrived just in time {praise to the online shopping delivering gods}. Because even though my black ankle pants are awesome, let's face it these maroon pants are pretty spectacular.

So I packed my school bag last night, hung it on my door knob {because well, I'm forgetful} and headed out for the 1st of 7 remaining 12 hour days. It was only fitting that when I walked into class, I pretty much coordinated with my professor -- we were tweed blazer twins. If that doesn't earn this girl a bit of extra credit, I don't know what will.  

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October 8, 2013

Ann Taylor Chic Sweepstakes

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Top: Ann Taylor Sweater: Ann Taylor Pants: LimitedNecklace: LOFT • Shoes: Madewell

A few weeks back I was lucky enough to my win local Ann Taylor's Chic Sweepstakes {talk about a good email to receive!}. The prize was a head to toe outfit and today's look is comprised of most of my winnings.

I picked up a couple fall essentials, as well as a few investment pieces. And as someone who really enjoys putting together outfits, it was a welcome treat to have the Ann Taylor ladies pull pieces for me and offer their stylish suggestions. This cozy look was favorite and with the temperatures rapidly dropping {which may or may not just be my lack of a working thermostat in my apt} this was a perfect outfit for my snooze filled morning. The black and grey are appropriate for the office but soft fabric was perfect for a day when I would have rather stayed in bed.

 *This not a sponsored post, I was just a lucky winner!

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October 7, 2013


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Top: Ann TaylorPants: LOFT • Belt: JCrew Factory • Shoes: Madewell

I have a love hate relationship with button-up tops. I love the way the look on the hanger, but I hate the way they almost never fit me. Usually there is gaps between buttons, shoulders and sleeves that are too big, or a boxy cut that just isn't flattering. So I was happily surprised when I tried on this silky top last week at Ann Taylor and none of the dreaded fit issues happened.

So for now the button-up top is back on the love list. And not to mention my fall closet is a bit more complete!

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October 3, 2013


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10/3/13 3 

Top: LOFT • Blazer: H&M • Pants: LOFT • Necklace: LOFT • Shoes: Madewell

 I've been repeating a rendition of this outfit for weeks now! Between my animal print scarf, phone case, and this top I think I may become "that animal print girl" at work. But hey, office taglines could be worse. I could be "that girl that listens to Miley Cyrus too loud on her iPod" or "that girl who smacks her gum". So yeah I'll stick with that animal print girl...for now.

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October 1, 2013

Very Superstitous

10/1/13 2
Top: JCrew Factory • Pants: The Limited • Scarf: JCrewt • Shoes: Madewell

10/1/13 3 

10/1/13 4 

10/1/13 1

I'm a fairly superstitious sports fan. Which is why I wore red today. And it also why, I planned to watch the Reds game at the same place I watched their 1st playoff game last year. Sadly, my efforts were unsuccessful.

As long as the baseball season is, I am always ad to see it go. And to make matters worse, I am headed to Pittsburgh {for non-sports fans the Reds are playing the Pittsburgh Pirates} this weekend. I'm sure my PA family will LOVE giving us Cincinnatians a hard times about the end of our season.

Here's to next season {and to finding a new superstition}!

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