December 30, 2013

In Review...

Style in Review

I've been doing some sort of "year in review" post since college ... There are the old livejournal days with scary photo collages from college parties and really bad spelling/grammar {edit: I actually just spent 2 hours sidetracked reading said livejournal, oy to be 21 again...actually I may be content with turning 30 now} and then of course these recaps. You can check out the old recaps here.

Seeing as this little corner of the internet is style focused, I thought I'd share a snap shot of some of my favorite outfits. Clearly I'm still on a bit of a scarf kick, although blazers could give my scarf obsession a run for its money. I definitely think this year marked finding my style uniform. Sure I love skirts and dresses as much as the next girl, but I'm smitten with ankle pants. I've amassed quite the collection of black slim pants, but over the year I've added more colors and patterns to the mix.

Who knows maybe next year I'll find a new uniform? Either way, I'm looking forward to what the year brings. Thanks for reading along and Happy Holidays! See you in 2014!

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December 20, 2013


Top: Ann  Taylor• PantsThe Limited • Blazer: The Limited• Sunglasses: Prada • Shoes: JCrew Factory

Happy Friday friends! Is it just me or does the week before a holiday just seem to crawl by? I've been a day a head all week...nothing like realizing what you thought was Friday was actually Thursday.

If you've finished your holiday shopping I'm jealous. I'll be braving the mall {hopefully} one last time this weekend with all the other procrastinators out there. Nothing like crowded parking lots and frenzied shoppers to get you into the holiday spirit, right? 

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December 18, 2013

It's A Mad Plaid World

12/16/13 3

12/16/13 1

12/16/13 4

12/16/13 2

Sweater: Madewell • Pants: The Limited • Scarf: Madewell • Sunglasses: Prada • Boots: Steve Madden

I've been a bit slow on the plaid trend this season, but after seeing this scarf at Madewell this weekend I knew I had met my perfect plaid match. Since button ups are hard for me to wear and plaid pants really don't accentuate my best features, this scarf was a great way for me to add the this trend to my closet. I'm a scarf lover so I know this will get its fair share of use during these next few months. Plus it's practically big enough to use as a blanket and I'm a sucker for anything that has multiple purposes. 

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December 17, 2013

Madewell Sip & Shop

Madewell 12.15.13 1

Madewell 12.15.13 2

Madewell 12.15.13 3
Madewell 12.15.13 5

Madewell 12.15.13 7

Madewell 12.15.13 8

This weekend I had the opportunity to host a little sip & shop at Madewell Store at Kenwood Mall in Cincinnati. A special thanks to the gals at Madewell for hosting a great event and to the lovely ladies who stopped by.

I had been eying a few winter pieces the last month or so, so the sip and shop was a great opportunity to pick up a few new pieces. Plus look at those treats! Who doesn't like a little something sweet, especially when shopping! 

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December 16, 2013


12/13/13 4

12/13/13 5

12/13/13 2

12/13/13 3

12/13/13 1

Top: LOFT • Pants: LOFT • Blazer: Zara • Sunglasses: Prada Scarf: Fossil • Shoes: JCrew Factory

Well it's official friends...I'm Liz Urso, MBA.

After 2+ years, countless spreadsheets, group meeting on Friday nights, and rushing from work to school I'm officially a graduate. And while school has been much more manageable these last few months, it's a nice feeling to finally have those 3 letters after my name.

So what's a girl to do now? I already have a new job.
And I probably watch too much TV.  Perhaps a new hobby?
But first I need to find my new excuse for still being single cause "busy with school" isn't going to cut it anymore...

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December 12, 2013


12/12/13 2

12/12/13 1

12/12/13 4

12/12/13 3

Top: Ann Taylor • PantsAnn TaylorCoat: Ann Taylor • Sunglasses: Prada • Boots: Ann Taylor

It may be your lucky number...
Or maybe your favorite memory from friends {for the record it's mine}...
But today, it was the actual temperature while taking photos....
And it took about seven hours for my fingers to feel normal....
Just a typical day while style blogging in December, right?

Anyways, you might have noticed this outfit is entirely from Ann Taylor. This is not a sponsored post, but it is an obsession of mine. An obsession that actually paid off. This is the outfit I won during the Chic Sweepstakes earlier this fall. I've rocked this look a couple of times, but figured it was due time for it's debut on the blog. 

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December 9, 2013

Winter Wonderland

12/9/13 5

12/9/13 2

12/9/13 4

12/9/13 1

12/9/13 3

Shirt: Old Navy • Sweater: LOFT • Jeans: J.Brand • Jacket: Ann Taylor • Boots: Steve Madden

As you can tell from the backdrop, we have a bit of winter wonderland here in Ohio. Despite my freezing fingers, I have to say I'm loving the snow {particularly when snow leads to an early dismissal from work on a Friday afternoon}!

Speaking of snow, someone really should have told me to enjoy snow days more as kid because as an adult they are really few and far between ..... and oh yeah stressful. Man driving home Friday afternoon was a nightmare and when I got home I didn't have any reliable snow gear to enjoy the snow in. So I did the next best thing and wrapped myself in a blanket and watch hours and hours of netflix. So yeah, it basically was a normal Friday night ... but I did get 3 more hours of movie watching in! 

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December 3, 2013

Jungle Fever

11/27/13 2

11/27/13 1

11/27/13 4

11/27/13 3

Shirt: Ann Taylor • Sweater: Banana Republic • PantsThe Limited • Jacket: F21 Shoes: J Crew Factory

This look is a combination of 2 things -- my twist on this pin and the need to finally sport this animal coat for the blog. After seeing a slew of animal print coats around the blogsphere, I figured it was about time to dust off this ole coat off. I picked it up 4 or 5 years ago {early in my animal print obsession days} and it's good for a few wears every winter. 

And while I loved every minute of my double animal print ensemble, I think my co-workers were a bit taken back. But they're catching on. One even noted "hey your coat matches your phone cover"... why yes, yes it does

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December 2, 2013

Long Weekend

11/27/13 4

11/27/13 1

11/27/13 2

11/27/13 3

Top: Ann Taylor • Jacket: Target • Scarf: J Crew• Jeans: J Brand• Boots: Ann Taylor 

I don't post many weekend looks here, but I thought I'd share this look because it's basically my weekend uniform. Change out the shirt and/or scarf and this is my go-to look for more weekends than I can count. This leather jacket was my big investment piece last year {don't let Target fool you, it was still $200}. But I can honestly say it was worth every penny. It's perfectly fitted and the collar is unique enough that if I zip it up it's still unique enough on it's own. 

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December 1, 2013

OnlineShoes 12 Days of Giving

With Thanksgiving weekend behind us, it's officially the start of the holiday season!
While I don't have my tree up quite yet, I'm definitely starting to feel the holiday spirit. I have a bit of my shopping done and my pandora holiday themed station is blaring.

To kick off the holiday season off around here, I'm working with OnlineShoes to share their 12 Days of Giving contest. Sure giving gifts is great, but wouldn't be even better to win a little something for yourself?

Fitz Roy

Starting Monday, OnlineShoes will post a blog with a featured giveaway and an easy holiday-themed question. For a chance to win that prize just answer the question of the day. Pretty simple right?

Each Day will feature a men's and women's pair from different brands including: Daniel GreenL.B. EvansKlogsWoolrichBootightsRiekerBørnClarksDanskoMerrellTevaHobo, and Dr. Martens

Happy Holidays and Good Luck!

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