August 7, 2017


26 and Counting 7.24.17 1

It's official, I miss blogging. I've been feeling that way for a few months, chatting about it with friends, and as an interim started posting daily outfit looks via instagram. But that wasn't cutting it. Call me old school, but I missed my blog. My little corner of the internet that's chalk full of ankle pants and flowy tops. Is my style revolutionary? No. But does this outlet challenge me to get creative in my own closet? Definitely. 

So what's a "reformed" style blogger to do? 

As much as I love this site (and am proud that I've shared almost 700 posts here) I started getting really excited about the thought of a new beginning. I mean, the jig is up guys, I'm 33. I began thinking about a new space that is reflective of where I am now. 

So I'm closing the 26 and Counting chapter, and starting a new chapter just as me, Liz Urso. If you're so inclined, you can find my new blog here

And I couldn't say good without a big THANK YOU to those of you who have followed this space. Left a comment. Reached out on IG. I've made so many friends through the blogging community, it's a strange but funny connector. And some of those ladies are now some of my legit best friends. So if you've ever thought about blogging, but feel daunted by the scale of it, do it anyways. If you do it for you, I promise you it's fulfilling. 

So farewell, 26 and Counting. I'll miss your quirky (and outdated) theme and those original mirror photos (that are now making a comeback). But before I sign off, how about a trip down memory lane?

1 [7/6/10]1/303-9-11 14/26/11
10/4/11 411/10/11 44/12/12 34/13/12 3
8/8/12 53/8/13 411/5/13 210/23/14 6
1IMG_25781IMG_23917/22/14 5madewell champs elysees11
Anthropologie Army Green Vest 7Queen City Vignette 426 and Counting + Gild 1Kit And Ace 2
Kit And Ace 2Thread x Homage Collab 2Madewell Floral Top 426 and Counting - Grey Scale4
26 and Counting - Drapey Sweater6Okay blogging, I just can't quit you #ontheblog 😘26 and Counting Floral Top 726 and Counting 7.24.17 1

xoxo, Liz

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July 21, 2017

What I Wore to Vegas

So it's been a while guys {October -- if you scroll down}! The last few months I've really missed this space. The last year I've been acclimating to my new city {I'm in Chicago now!} and working on the blog wasn't a priority. But I have my new city wits about me and I want to spend some more time here -- blogging outfits and looks of the day. I still need to figure out shooting in Chicago, but in the meantime I wanted to share with you a few looks I wore while I was in Vegas last week. 

Wednesday Night - Dinner at Herringbone in the Aria

       Dress: LOFT • EarringsS&D  Bracelet: Covet  Shoes: DV by Target
Wednesday was my first FULL day in Vegas. While must of my friends attended S&D's director day, I spent the day by the pool and exploring Vegas. That night a group of us headed to Aria for dinner at Herringbone. So good! It was a great excuse to wear this lemon print dress from LOFT. I picked it up a few week back and was looking for a good reason to wear it. I honestly haven't worn dresses that much the last few years, but the cut on this dress is very flattering. Especially if you're curvy like me. It hits in all the right places. Since the print is so bold, I added a simple necklace and my favorite cuff. And for a little fun I added these Gita Tassel earrings.

Thursday - Kick Off S&D Hoopla and Stylist Fashion Show

TopAnthro PantsAnthro  Necklace: S&D • Bracelet: S&D Shoes: Madewell 

Thursday was the first full day of Hoopla {our annual Stella & Dot conference}. The highlight for me is our fashion show which features S&D stylists as models and showcases our new fall collection. While everyone is dressed to the nines for all of Hoopla -- everyone brings it for the fashion show -- so I opted for these wide-leg printed pants and top from Anthro. I originally had a maxi planned -- but when I saw this look a few days before my trip I had to have it. Wide-leg pants don't always work so well for me, but the material and pattern of these ended being perfect. 

Friday Day - Day 2 of S&D Hoopla

TopAnthro (on sale) • JeansAnn Taylor (40% off)  Necklace: S&D (1 2 3• Bracelet: S&D (I'm wearing 2 of these stacked together) • Shoes: DV by Target 

Friday was by far my busiest day in Vegas so I opted for a tried and true outfit. If you follow me on IG you've seen this top on repeat constantly. After finding a pair of white jeans at AT this look came together really easily and worked for a long day of meetings and meals. If you're eyeing this top, pop over to Anthro -- it's on sale! When I'm wearing a neutral look like this -- I love to layer up my jewelry. I mixed and matched 3 different necklaces for an easy layered looks. Easy, mix and match layering pieces are such a big trend in jewelry right now.  And how cute is my friend Ren? You can catch out more of her style on IG.

Friday Night - Stella & Dot Dance Party @ Hakkasan

JumpsuitAnthro  Necklace: S&D • Earrings : S&D • Shoes: Madewell 

Friday night called for an outfit change as we headed to Hakkasan for a Girl's Night Out. Truth be told, I didn't even make to the club and opted for a more local scene at one of the MGM bars. But I loved this look! This Anthro jumper is an absolute dream. I'm wearing a Medium and it worked perfectly. Plus the material is super soft and luxurious. For accessories I added a pop of color with the Alice Sandals from Madewell. It's a low heel which was great for all the walking we did throughout the MGM that night. As for jewels, I added the Gita Tassel earrings again but this time in black, Popped on simple hammered necklace and I was good to go. 

But that's enough about me? How have you been? Any one still reading this old blog? Would love to hear if you are -- and what you'd like to see more of as I start planning a blog revival. 

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October 5, 2016


26 & Counting Leather Jacket 4

26 & Counting Leather Jacket 7

26 & Counting Leather Jacket 3

26 & Counting Leather Jacket 6

26 & Counting Leather Jacket 1

26 & Counting Leather Jacket 5

26 & Counting Leather Jacket 2

Top: Ann Taylor • Jacket: Target  JeansMadewell  Scarf: S&D  BraceletS&D • PurseS&D

Truth be told, I love a basic outfit. Something that's easy to wear and can take me to and from different activities. I find myself running around more in Chicago and tend to lean on casual cute outfits more than I thought. 

I normally save this sweater shell for work, but once I thought to pair it with an edgier jacket it instantly felt more modern and weekend appropriate. Once the cooler weather settles in, I'll switch out the heels for boots. And I love that I can switch up this infinity scarf for a neutral look or play up the bold colorful print. 

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September 29, 2016

Flower Power

26 and Counting Floral Top 7

26 and Counting Floral Top 3

26 and Counting Floral Top 6

26 and Counting Floral Top 1

26 and Counting Floral Top 5

26 and Counting Floral Top 2

26 and Counting Floral Top 3

TopAnthro Jacket: Anthro JeansMadewell  • BraceletS&D • PurseS&D  ShoesSam Edelman

I've been a sucker for floral tops since the 80s.

I just can't break the habit, and apparently it's not happening any time soon. True to form when I saw this gem on the mannequin at Anthro I knew I had to scoop it up. I love that I can play up the feminine detail or add some edginess with a leather jacket. Before it gets too cool, I wanted to pair this top with my favorite wedges. These fringe sandals have taken me from Cincinnati to Florida and now are making their mark in Chicago. But with fall definitely in fall swing, it's almost time to pack them away until next year.


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September 26, 2016

Back Again

26 & Counting Plaid3

26 & Counting Plaid1

26 & Counting Plaid2

26 & Counting Plaid6

26 & Counting Plaid4

Top: Anthropologie • Jeans: J Brand  • NecklaceS&D Purse: Covet  Shoes: Toms

So it's been a little while. Again. If you follow me on instagram, you know I moved back in July. And well if you don't follow me SURPRISE! I'm now a Chicago resident.

Between moving, starting a new role at work {hence the move}, and traveling there hasn't been a whole lot time for the blog. In fact when I was preparing for the move, I wasn't sure if I was going to keep blogging. But what do you know...after a few months away, I miss it. I miss you. So I'm back!

Despite my best efforts to start dressing for fall, the weather here in Chicago hasn't been too cooperative. But the great thing about this plaid top is that it has that fall feel with a breeziness that works when it's still feeling more like summer. Yep it was 80 degrees here today. But on the bright side I hear the 60s are on the horizon. Cross your fingers because I have a lot of fall clothes that are ready to be worn. 

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