February 18, 2010

Hello my name is Indigo...

Just another reason why I love NYMag .... The Vulture writers picked up on the same Cliffs of Insanity motif from the cave scene in the most recent episode of LOST [The Substitute]. I mean I could even go as far to make a Dread Pirate Roberts/Jacob theory about searching for a replacement. And didn't Sawyer kill Locke's dad - kinda like the 6 fingered murdered killed Indigo's?

Are you picking up yet on my love for LOST and The Princess Bride? Yeah, I know what you're thinking, I'll shut up now.

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February 12, 2010


Dear Person/People in charge of the Universe - Could you please work your magic so I can revert back to this age? Knowing what I know now, I'd make a kickass 5 year old. Regards - L

Today is my birthday! The big two-six.

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February 9, 2010

misplaced blame

After months (eh, that may be a stretch, but it feels like MONTHS) without any retail therapy, I went a little overboard at Anthropologie. Can you blame me? With all the gorgeousness exploding for every angle of their store – how could you! If blame were to be placed I’d direct it towards my upcoming [26th eeek] birthday and the pursuit of the purrrrfect birthday ensemble. Or maybe because I received my tax return early (No, thank YOU, Mr. President!). Or maybe those too darn cute Anthropologie lovers/bloggers (I’m talking to you Roxy, Kim & Kendi) who fill my reader with plentiful amounts of Anthro goodies.

Regardless of the source I now have several new Anthro pieces hanging in my closet. Though I must admit that buyer’s remorse set in after approximately 24 hours (and fact that I did not have anything to wear with the lovely Odille skirt), thus I returned some of my purchases. I may take something else back, but the idea is pounding at my heart stringers.

Say hello to my little friends: Drenched Helenium, Best in Show, Emerald Cascade, Sky & Snow, Claudine & Grown in the Shade

If I were to take one back, I’m not sure how I would chose!

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