December 31, 2014

2014 Favorites

It's been a bit quiet around here lately, but I can't resist a look back at 2014. Here are some of my favorite outfits from the year.

This year I featured more casual outfits in addition to my usual work outfits. It looks like the year of pants lasted another 12 months and isn't close to slowing down. Scarves are still a must. Jackets, blazers, vest all very good things. 2014 was another colorful {although there is a bit more red in here than I imagined} and pattern filled year.

You can check out past years here and here.

2014 in Review 1

2014 in Review 4

2014 in Review 3

2014 in Review 2

Happy New Year's Eve everyone!
See you in 2015.

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December 10, 2014


I'm not the best blogger come December. Between the shorter days, colder temperatures, and holiday parties my time for blogging is impacted BIG time. And rather than throw together a gift guide {because who really needs another one of those?!}, I thought I'd rewind to December of last year. 

So here are a few of my favorite December looks from 2013. 


Looking back I can't tell you how thankful I am for the lack of snow right now. It definitely makes the recent grey skies a bit more bearable. Not to mention, I have some outfit inspiration for the rest of the week.

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November 26, 2014


Anthro Swing Tunic + Fur Vest1

Anthro Swing Tunic + Fur Vest5

Anthro Swing Tunic + Fur Vest2

Anthro Swing Tunic + Fur Vest3

Anthro Swing Tunic + Fur Vest4

Anthro Swing Tunic + Fur Vest6

Top: Anthropologie • VestAnthropologie • Jeans: Madewell • Boots: Steve Madden 

I have a thing for vests {see here, here, and just for good measure here}

But a fur vest?! Well slap me and call me smitten. On second thought, just call me smitten. I've worn the vest to work as well by wearing it with all black and a necklace. I see lots of potential in my new furry friend. Lots of potential, indeed. 

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November 25, 2014

My Favorite Sweater

Madwell Turtleneck Sweater2

Madwell Turtleneck Sweater4

Madwell Turtleneck Sweater6

Madwell Turtleneck Sweater1

Madwell Turtleneck Sweater5

Madwell Turtleneck Sweater3

Sweater: Madewell • JeansMadewell • NecklaceAnthropologie Boots: Steve Madden 

Welp, Madwell has done it again {and if you're keeping score at home that's again, again again, again}. This weekend I was invited to a little Black Friday preview event at my local Madewell store and I walked away with this outfit. Which, coincidentally, was the exact outfit one of the shop girls was wearing. 

I had been eyeing these jeans for a while {I cannot say enough good things about Madewell's denim FYI} so with an extra 25% I was happy to finally bring this pair home with me. And well this sweater, how can you not love a cozy turtleneck number? I foresee this sweater being on repeat all of Thanksgiving weekend. Stylish and loose enough to successfully hide all the second helpings I'll be enjoying. Sounds perfect to me!  

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November 24, 2014

Anthropologie Holiday Fashion Show // Kenwood Mall

Last week I participated in the Anthropologie Holiday Fashion Show at Kenwood Mall {I still can't believe that actually happened!}. If you could see me through the computer screen, I'm still pinching myself. The internet and instagram are truly remarkable things. Thanks to a little hashtag action {#AnthroOpenCall} I was selected to participate in my local store's holiday fashion show.

Prior to the show I worked with one of the lovely stylists {shout out to Stephanie} to find my 3 looks. True to my usual self, I wanted to try on every thing in the store. The photos below are my 3 final looks. I am a bit surprised I ended up with 2 dresses and a skirt, seeing as I am in a total pants phase, but a girl's heart wants what it wants. And apparently my holiday style wants to feel super feminine.

Getting ready for the @anthropologie #holiday fashion show
Look 1 // My Personal Style 
Anthro fashion show 2
Look 2 // Cozy Cream
The last (and my favorite) look from the @anthropologie holiday fashion show #anthroevents
Look 3 // Holiday Ready

Thanks again to the lovely ladies at the Kenwood Mall Anthropologie and the gals from the Paul Mitchell school for my hair and makeup. It was truly a great night! 

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November 20, 2014

Cropped Conspiracy

Madewell Dress + Scarf2

Madewell Dress + Scarf

Madewell Dress + Scarf5

Madewell Dress + Scarf4

Madewell Dress + Scarf3

Dress: Madewell • ScarfMadewell • Boots: Steve Madden • Sunglasses: Ray-Ban

Real talk, cropped tops are not even in the realm of possibility for me. There was a quick, fleeting, moment when I did buy one from Anthro. I thought maybe I could pull it off with a high waisted skirt, but then I realized no one makes a skirt that actually goes up to your boobs {which is what I would have needed to make said cropped top work}

So a faux crop top is what I'm left with, and that's a-okay. Being the Madewell fan that I am, this was pretty much destined to be in my closet. Throw in a 30% off sale and yep, well that was that. Welcome home faux cropped dress, welcome home indeed. 

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November 18, 2014

Semi Pro

Floral Pants1

Sweater: Ann Taylor• Blazer: H&M• PantsAnthropologie Glasses: Chanel

Well this outfit suffered a photo fail {which given how long I've been blogging I am surprised hasn't happened sooner}! But lo and behold when I went to import my photos -- only this photo survived. Weird, and mega frustrating! #thebloggingstruggleisreal 

So today's post is a bit short, but I couldn't resist sharing this photo. 

I really love this outfit, and, well I'm a sucker for patterned pants {shocking, I know!}! Plus this outfit will also be remembered as the time a Cincinnati local stopped me while taking photos to give me an impromptu photo lesson. While it may have resulted in the strange disappearance of the photos from my memory card, it did result in a good chuckle after he left. So beware Cincinnati ladies, there is a self proclaimed "semi-pro" photographer lurking around our parts. 

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November 13, 2014

Put a Scarf On It

Scarf as a Top5

Scarf as a Top
Scarf as a Top4

Scarf as a Top2

Scarf as a Top3

Tee: GapScarf: Madewell • JeansJBrand Purse: Old Navy  Boots: Steve Madden

The internet and sisters are good for lots of things {cat memes, marathon TV parties, you know the usual}, particularly for spotting cute outfit ideas and insisting you recreate it. So thanks to my hip little sister Annie who lovingly nudged me to recreate this look from Sequins & Stripes.

More than likely you've seen the blanket scarf craze and admittedly I jumped on the bandwagon a while ago. But now with the ability to great a faux cape, I'm even more convinced that blanket scarves are here to stay. I mean a cape is essentially a fashionable way to wear a blanket, no? Gah. The lazy girl inside of me is ecstatic. If only I could manage to pull off that jogger pant trend. Then I'd be one fashionably dressed girl in pjs.

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November 11, 2014

Fancy Floral






Top: Madwell • Jacket: Ann Taylor • PantsThe Limited  ShoesJCrew Factory 

I'm a sucker for floral silky tops. I know it, my friends now it, I'm sure you do too :)
Finding flattering tops can be a bit difficult for me {i.e. button down tops are my nemesis}, so when something works I just go with it. Hence the collection of silky tops in my closet. I really loved the little feminine details of this top. Obviously the print, but the ruffles and seams were just too fun and flirty to pass up. 

I've already sported this to Keeneland, work, and a happy hour. Nothing like snagging a new top that feels right at home with the rest of your closet. And this gem certainly does! 

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November 9, 2014

Black & Blue

10/23/14 5

10/23/14 1

10/23/14 4

10/23/14 2

10/23/14 3

10/23/14 6

Top: Ann Taylor • Blazer: Ann Taylor • PantsThe Limited  ShoesJCrew Factory 

I've been feeling blue lately. Not down & out, the color. From navy to cobalt, it's really been my color of choice lately. As has this blazer. I love the sweater material and drapey feel. It's a bit more playful take on a blazer for work and still fresh enough to wear on the weekends. The best of both worlds, right? And clearly I am a fan of the color scheme.  

This outfit has a nice, easy feel to it. It's definitely repeatable in my book! 

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November 6, 2014

California Love

I love to travel. So when my skymiles hit the 25k mark, I eagerly searched for flights for a mini fall vacay. Thankfully the skymiles folks were in my corner and a snagged a free ticket to LA {huzzah} to visit one of my best friends for Halloween.

If you follow me on instagram you've probably seen a few of these photos, but I couldn't resist sharing the festive costumes, spectacular trip the Santa Anita Race Track for Breeder's Cup, and a few other highlights. 

Best view in horse racing am I right?! #breederscup4.5 hour flight before another 3hrs  to LA. Hope this book is a good one! #travel #nextstop #californiaherewecomeGood morning from Santa Anita! #breederscup

Say hello to Benny the Jet and Wendy Peppercorn! #thesandlot #halloween #whereissquintsThanks to @epholmes for the #breederscup hook up today! Such a great day of racing!#dreamteam minus one @rachel_spadafora #missyou

Last day in Cali 😪😪😪Thanks to the family Suguitan for stopping by and hanging out!  @juliesugs @soogiesugsRumor is that it might snow in Ohio today. Not my problem today! #california #vacation

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