June 27, 2012

In the name of outfit photos...

6/21/12 4

Dress / Flower Pin /Belt: H&M • Shoes: Alfani

6/21/12 3

6/21/12 1

In today's edition of "the things you do in the name of outfit photos" I'd like to share another funny story from the park. Typically my stories are about the occasional passerby who 1) stares at me to get out of their way while speed walking, or 2) the park workers who shout random things to me while scurrying around on their riding lawn mower or my new favorite 3) the old man who thinks I take photos for my boyfriend who is in the army {seriously, he is convinced I send these photos abroad. But hey posting photos on the internet is basically the same thing, right?}.

Well today's story is not so much about the passerbys. After 2+ years, my streak of never getting caught in a sprinkler attack is over. And I wish I could say it was just one little sprinkler, but no. Just as I set the timer on my camera the entire park's sprinkler system came on. Any normal person probably would take that as their cue to get out of the way, but not me. I had outfit photos to take goshdarnit!

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June 25, 2012

I Wear My Sunglasses At Work

6/21/12 3

TopMadewellPants: Ann Taylor • Scarf: J Crew •  Sunglasses: Ray-Ban • Shoes: Alfani

6/21/12 4

6/21/12 1

6/21/12 2

I'm debating on wearing sunglasses all day. No one needs to these awesome dropy eyes I have going on today. Maybe the mix of animal print and polka dots will take away from the fact that I'm sporting sunglasses at my desk. Pattern mixing has stunning effects on co-workers, right?

Better yet, maybe I'll move my monitor so I can get a quick nap in.

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June 21, 2012

Not so fast


Dress: Target • Sunglasses: Ray-Ban • Shoes: Nordstrom




Running to Target never really goes well for me my bank account. Case in point, my sister and I made a trip to said store earlier this week and what was supposed to be a "quick" stop ended up with me rumaging {almost} every aisle. In the end I left with 2 dresses, a few new workout clothes, and of course the random odds and ends and Target is great for.

And as if I didn't have my fill, I'm thinking about going back to buy this dress is in the other color.

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June 20, 2012



Dress: Target• Cardigan: Nordstrom • Necklace: Limited • Shoes: Bandolino




This is probably one of my favorite summer dresses. Sure it's cute {and comfortable}, but it's also been with me through some pretty great summer memories. There was that sweltering trip to NYC which led to cooling off and watching the World Cup in some random bar in the East Village. Or that time I wore it to a blogger meet up and shopping excursion with a gal who would later become a great friend {Suze I'm talking to you!}. Not to mention a few memorable summer Cincinnati nights.  

Now I'm wearing it work.
Yeah, I know what you're thinking...probably not going to be as memorable.

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June 19, 2012

Nice and Simple

6/15/12 3

Tee: Madewell • Pants: Ann Taylor • Scarf: J Crew • Sunglasses: Ray-Ban • Shoes: Alfani

6/15/12 4
6/15/12 2

Another day, another simple outfit. With the boss out of the office last Friday, I seized the opportunity to wear my most comfortable tee {honestly, I'll take any excuse to wear this tee}. Add a pair of nice colorful pants, fun scarf and voila Friday office outfit.

Basically, it's version 2.0 of this outfit.

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June 18, 2012

Humidty & Ghosts

6/14/12 1

Top: J Crew • Skirt: Anthrolpologie • Necklace: Limited • Sunglasses: Ray-Ban • Shoes: Seychelles

6/14/12 3

6/14/12 2

Ways to know it's summer in Ohio:

1. Humidity dicates your outfit {my go to humidty outfit is the above light top, loose skirt}
2. Humidty {may also} causes a ghost version of yourself to appear in outfit photos

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June 14, 2012

Turn Around

6/8/12 1

Top: Gap • PantsAnn Taylor • Belt: NY & Co. • Sunglasses: Versace • Shoes: Target

6/8/12 2

6/8/12 3

I woke up this morning thinking it was Friday. No offense Thursday, but you're kind of a disappointment! I would have treated myself to a little iced coffee but I hit snooze one too many times and was running late to work. So what do you say Thursday, let's turn this day around!

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June 12, 2012

Neon, Neon

6/12/12 2

Top: Ann Taylor • Skirt: LOFT •  Bracelet: Limited • Sunglasses: Ray-Ban • Shoes: Halogen
6/12/12 4

6/12/12 1

Most days, I'm a little clueless when getting dressed. But with Everybody, Everywear today I knew today's outfit would start with this shirt. So as I started getting ready this morning I grabbed the shirt from my closet and put on John Mayer's Neon to get me in the mood. The styling mood that is. Although, John if you're reading this call me.

Image 4970

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June 11, 2012


6/7/12 4

Top: LOFT • Pants: Ann Taylor • Scarf: Francesca's • Bracelet: c/o Kristin HassanShoes: Me Too

6/7/12 1

6/7/12 2

With school finished for the next 7 weeks {yes, I'm counting}, I spent my first free weekend watching a good amount of baseball, roadtripping to see old friends, and indulging {through covered eyes} in Prometheus. You know the usual, beer, baseball and science fiction. And of course the usual Sunday night television routine.

How was your weekend?

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June 8, 2012



Top: Old Navy • Pants: c/o Lisette L • Scarf: J Crew• Sunglasses: Ray-Ban • Shoes: Alfani




It's official, I've survived my first year of grad school!

Right now I'm enjoying that small window of bliss where finals are done and grades have yet to be posted. So in my head I'm living in a 4.0 world.

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