July 21, 2015

Well Hello There!

Outfit posts have been few and far between lately. 

And frankly, I really miss this space! But between work trips, what feels like monsoon season, and endless humidity outfit posts have unintentionally fallen by the way side. But life hasn't stopped. 

Here'a quick glimpse at my life lately:

First stop of the morning ☕️☕️☕️🙌🙌
Trip to Austin for work, meant finally stopping at the infamous Jo's coffee. 

#theafter 💁
A new hair cut and fresh color! Also had my brows tinted for the first time and it's blowing my mind.

After waiting in line for over an hour, I've finally made it to #Bunbury. Beer me.
Summer concerts -- Bunbury, Dawes x2, and Hozier

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July 8, 2015

Thread Cincinnati Tour: Hyde Park

The world of style blogs and sports rarely combine, but today the girls of Thread Cincinnati are coming together to talk all things Cincinnati for the upcoming 2015 MLB All-Star Game. Seeing as the sports spotlight will be shining on our dear Queen City, we’ve put together a neighborhood guide so you can get to know Cincinnati a bit better. If you’re coming to Cincinnati to enjoy the festivities (or maybe you’re just interested in Cincinnati…) be sure to click through to read all of our posts.

While the All-Star game is taking place Downtown (about 10 minutes from my apartment), I’m talking about my neighborhood – Hyde Park. If you’ve been reading my blog for a while you’ve seen snips of Hyde Park in photos and on Instagram. But today my neighborhood is front and center. So let’s get to it shall we?

Okay daylight savings time, you're not so bad. 7:30pm stroll to dinner and it's not even totally dark. That's a win. #cincinnati #dstThe summer gathering of the bacchanalian society is in full effect. In case you're curious I'm a part of team "Malbecs all sweaty" 😂🙈🙋.3 day weekends are made for long walks, iced coffee, and one's favorite tunes. 😎☕️👍

If old fashion diners are your style be sure to check out The Echo! Just don't try going there for dinner, it closes after lunch.

Speaking of old fashion, Patty’s Old Fashion Popcorn is most certainly worth a visit. When in Ohio, you have to try the Buckeye Popcorn.

But maybe you’re a sports fan and like a place with as many TVs as beer choices. If that’s you -- stop by Cock &Bull Public House. And try a Cincinnati beer {I recommend Mad Tree's season brew Sol Drifter} while you're at it.

If you enjoy a more traditional restaurant atmosphere, check out Teller’s of Hyde Park. Try grabbing a table in the bank vault. But if you’re like me and love Mac and Cheese, Keystone is the spot.

And your tour of Cincinnati wouldn’t be complete without a stop at Graeter’s. It’s world famous – just ask Oprah or JT.

Between the vast selection of bottled beer, Dutch’s Bar &Bottle Shop also has rotating tap of 8 draft beers as well. Winos, don’t fret Dutch’s has you covered with 200 wines available for your enjoyment too.

One of my personal favorites is Unwind. It’s within walking distance from my apartment, so not only is it super convenient, but it features a wide variety of wines and has a relaxing rustic feel. A most stop for Happy Hour.  

If there were ever a day to cheat on my brunch affair with the Echo, today is that day! #farmersmarket #CincinnatiDinner is served!! #yum #macandcheeseThe boys are back! #reds #openingday

The proximity of lululemon to my apartment is both a blessing and a curse.

Or you could check out Soho Boutique which is located right off the square.

But if mainstream shopping if you’re thing stop by Rookwood Commons for old faithfuls like The Gap, Ann Taylor, and JCrew Factory.  

The backdrop of several outfit posts, Ault Park is one of my favorite places in Hyde Park! Perfect for a jog, a picnic with friends, or outfit photos :)

If you’re in town over the weekend, check out Hyde Park Farmer’s Market on Sundays. Some of my favorites include Taste of Belgium {which has 3 stand-alone restaurants as well} and Street Pops

IMG_2374Living practically next door to this place is dangerous come good weather time. Delicious popcorn and soft serve ice cream -- it's a daily struggle y'all!My Friday night sweets and conversation with @jmcfresh

So that's it for Hyde Park! I hope you enjoyed reading a bit about the neighborhood I call home. Up next is Katie from Out + Outfit with a tour of Columbia Tusculum.  

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