August 29, 2013


08/28/13 2
Dress: LOFT Necklace: Stella & DotShoes: Madewell
08/28/13 1

08/28/13 3

As a girl who loves pattern mixing, I couldn't resist this little number! The easy wear-ability of a dress, coupled with a stripe/patterned combo and I was completely smitten. Which is probably wearing I'm wearing it for the 2nd time in 5 days. But I couldn't resist reaching for it this morning, knowing the humidity was off the charts and that I needed something fun for drinks after work.  

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August 27, 2013

Forever Remembered

8/16/13 4
Top: Madewell Jeans: JCrewNecklace: LOFTShoes: Halogen via Nordstrom
8/16/13 2
8/16/13 1

8/16/13 3

This outfit will forever be remembered as the outfit I wore when taking the absolute, most embarrassing fall ever. And I'm not talking about the semi-awkward slip and fall and I'm talking about the full on, complete wipe out kind. A week later and my bruised tailbone is still hating me.

Nothing like wiping out in a restaurant full of strangers, am I right?
But at least my outfit was cute...

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August 21, 2013


Top: JCrew Blazer: JCrewPants: LOFTNecklace: JCrew Factory • Shoes: Me Too

8/1/13 2

8/1/13 3

Every now and then a girl needs to splurge on an investment piece, and well, this black blazer is just that. Not to say my usual black blazer wasn't cutting it, but after eying the JCrew School Boy Blazer for over a year it was time to take the plunge {and advantage of my soon to be ending student discount}. While picking up a few other items wasn't quite part of the plan, I'll chalk it up to a pre-fall season closet update. 
Now I'll just need to remember that come fall...

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August 19, 2013


7/25/13 2 
Dress: Gap • Vest: Old Navy • Scarf & Belt: JCrew • Shoes: Seychelles

7/25/13 3
7/25/13 1

Today's outfit is a little twist on this gem from last summer. Not that I don't repeat outfits, hello late mornings, but now that I'm in a new role at work all of my favorite go-to outfits seem brand new {ish}. Sure my view is gone and there is that pesky earlier start time -- but hey newish outfits gets this girl out the door that much quicker.

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August 14, 2013

Checking In


Dress: Gap • Flower Pin: Old Navy • Sandals: Target




It's crazy how fast this summer is flying by! Somehow it's been 2 months since I switched jobs, 1 month since my last post, and this week it's already feeling like fall in Cincinnati {which is crazy for mid-August!}.

I hope all is well with you! And if you're still checking in here, I am alive and well just a bit all over the place. Work is busy, which is great. School wrapped up for the summer last week, and between catching up with friends, out of town trips, and the gym -- this litle corner of the internet has been a bit neglected.

Until next time...

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