March 26, 2014

Oh Hello There!

2/26/14 5

2/26/14 4

2/26/14 1

2/26/14 3

2/26/14 2

2/26/14 6

Top: JCrew• PantsThe Limited• Sunglasses: Prada • Necklace: Stella & DotShoes: Halogen

*Yes, that thing hanging from my pants is my work badge. 

Oh well hello there friends! Sorry for the infrequent posting. In fact I've been meaning to get this post up for days, weeks, okay a month actually. Man, time is seriously flying by. Minus 2, okay 3 nice days, the weather is still pretty miserable here in Cincinnati. In fact it snowed yesterday #overit. So between the weather and life, blogging has taken a bit of a back seat. 

Which is kind of funny, because now more than ever friends keep asking me about my blog {hey friends if you're reading!}. I've never been one to over share about this little space, but it seems that during my break a few people have found {or just finally mentioned to me} this little place. 

Here's to hoping this weekend is finally the beginning of Spring! And with that better weather to get me back in the blogging mood. Til next time :) 


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