May 30, 2013

Any Day of the Week

5/28/13 2

Top: LOFT • Pants: Limited • Necklace: Stella & Dot • ShoesHalojen

5/28/13 4

5/28/13 1

Let's talk wrinkles, because clearly I have some of that going on! Despite a good steaming, my pants are apparently wrinkle prone. Although in my defense, I think these photos are exaggerating the wrinkles just a bit. I debated trying to smooth out the wrinkles in photoshop but that involved skills that, well, I just don't have. Plus it felt a bit dishonest...

So rather than go that route, you get some wrinkled pants and a bit of honesty. But hey the pants are green which is kind of cool. Plus the added bonus of having a good hair day. And in my book good hair days > wrinkled pants any day of the week.

Plus that honesty is thing is reason enough, right?  

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May 29, 2013

One of those mornings...

5/21/13 1

Dress: Gap • Cardigan: J. Crew Factory • Necklace: J.Crew Factory • ShoesSeychelles

5/21/13 2

5/21/13 3

It's apparently one of those mornings...

Nothing like waking up an hour later than planned....
Running out the door with no time to spare....
Only to get into your car and hear your skirt rip....
{clearly I'm not wearing a skirt in these photos -- but trust me this all happened today}

After hustling back into my apartment to find another skirt and I'm set to leave for work...
but then there's a huge ass van blocking my driveway....
Three honks and finally me hustling back into my apartment I've find the inconvenient parking guy...
and now I'm on the road...
Until the exit to work is backed up....

So needless to say I was a bit late to work. Outfit photos went out the door the minute I woke up late, but thankfully I have this from last week.

How's your morning going?

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May 21, 2013

Memory Lapse

5/17/13 3

Top: Ann Taylor • Pants: Ann Taylor• BlazerTarget• Shoes: Seychelles

5/17/13 4

5/17/13 1

5/17/13 2

Last night I was trying to remember the details of this outfit.  But all I could remember was the chambray blazer and something about stripes. Which is really sad considering I wore this on Friday... Seems I totally forgot I snapped outfit photos.  So despite the sad fact that at 29 my memory is already questionable, at least I have a cute outfit to share. 

Also, if you're a blazer addict like myself this gem from Target was quite the find. Not only is it a work appropriate version of chambray but it's really light weight which is perfect for summer! 

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May 15, 2013

Office Staple

5/10/13 3

Top: Color Collective via StitchfixPants: Express • Cardigan: LOFT • Shoes: Seychelles

5/10/13 1

5/10/13 2

For all the lovers of black ankle pants, let me introduce you to my newest pair! Sure I've added a few colored and printed pairs of pants to my closet, but black pants are still my go to for the office. Since it's spring and all now I went with one of my favorite color combinations -- pink and green! Add a metallic shoe and I'm feeling ready for a nice spring day -- at my desk! Thankfully I have a nice window view where at least I can enjoy a little bit of today's nice weather.

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May 7, 2013

Last Leg

4/26/13 3
  Top: LOFT•  Pants: Limited • Necklace: Madewell • Shoes: Alfani

4/26/13 1

4/26/13 2

4/26/13 4

Sweaters and ankle pants have been my go to outfit lately!
There's just something about printed pants -- and whatever it is -- it makes me happy.

Although sadly, I think this navy sweater is on it's last leg. It's a bit stretched out and the color is fading. Definitely not happy about that.... If you have any sweater remedies I'd love to hear! Maybe a real trip to the dry cleaner rather than dryel might help? Anyway share in the comments and help a girl out!

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May 1, 2013


4/19/13 4

  Top: Anthro • Blazer: LOFT Pants: Limited • Flower Pin: Thrifted • Shoes: Me Too
4/19/13 3
4/19/13 2
4/19/13 1 

So final exams came and went! So did a blogging vacation I suppose. I didn't mean to take a hiatus but between finishing the semester, a busy few weeks at work, and a few out of town trips -- two weeks has flown by! But I am here, still getting dressed for work and all that jazz.

I picked up this blazer a few weeks ago and I've been wearing it non-stop lately. Over a dress, with different skirts, and of course today. What better than a little  pattern mixing on a nice spring day? Ice cream of course, but as far as outfit goes this is one of my favorites!

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