May 31, 2012

Give and Take

5/30/12 1

Top: Madewell • SkirtLOFTScarf: Gap • Sunglasses: Ray-Ban • Shoes: Me Too

5/30/12 3

5/30/12 2

Yes, I'm hiding my feet in that last photo. Still burning burnt.

Anyways, my lovely sister helped me pick out today's outfit. It usually works out that I give her a little bit of repreive from my parents and she in return picks out an outfit for me. Fair trade if you ask me. According to Annie, she's all about the t-shirt and scarf. Couldn't agree more.  

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May 30, 2012

Lesson Learned

5/29/12 2

Top: Banana Republic • Pants: Ann Taylor • Shoes: Me Too

5/29/12 4

5/29/12 1

5/29/12 3

What you can't really tell in these photos, is how sunburnt I am...well my feet are. I'm talking lobster red. Here I was thinking I did the right thing with the all the sunscreen I wore {and reapplied}. Turns out you need to put that stuff on your feet too. You'd think a 28 eight year old adult might have learned this lesson by now. Unfortunately, not this girl Excuse me while I go find some aloe.

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May 29, 2012

Right Around the Corner

5/24/12 3

Top: J Crew • Pants: Ann Taylor • Scarf: H&M • Sunglasses: Ray-Ban • Shoes: Toms

5/24/12 4

5/24/12 2

5/24/12 1

Nothing better than a three day weekend! Especially getting to watch all of my favorite Sunday night TV without the dread of the Monday morning alarm clock.

But now it's back to the real world and with finals just a week away, I think I'm in for another crazy week. But hey summer, I see you there just right around the corner.

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May 25, 2012

Fun & Games


Dress & Cardigan: Francesca's • Belt: H&M • Watch: Fossil • Shoes: Bandolino



Yesterday was another long day, but it ended in a much better way. Although I was at work longer than usual, I did get to finish my night enjoying a great baseball game with friends. While the game didn't start in the Reds favor, it defintely got exciting by the end. And by exciting, I mean there were homeruns and a video clips of my friends and I on ESPN. If you're a baseball fan {or like playing games like Where's Waldo} you can check out these videos { &}
and maybe you'll spot me in the crowd.

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May 24, 2012

Polka Dots & Pleats

5/22/12 2

TopMadewellSkirt: H&M • Shoes: Halogen via Nordstrom

5/22/12 3

5/22/12 1

I know it’s a crazy week, when I’ve neglected to watch any of my favorite DVR’ed shows. Not even Mad Men. Between crazier {than usual} days at work and school, I’ve been lucky to get home before 10 every night this week. But at least it's making the week go by fast....So fast that somehow I wore this Tuesday and before I could even blog about it, it was Thursday. It is Thursday, right?

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May 23, 2012

Sister, Sister

5/21/12 3

Top: Target • Skirt: Old Navy • Necklace: Gap • Shoes: Alfani

5/21/12 4

5/21/12 1

5/21/12 2

My sister picked out this skirt last week while we were out shopping. Then she shrugged her shoulders, mumbled something about being too shirt for midi skirts, and threw it my way. Gotta love sisters. Then I tried the skirt on and it basically fell off. After sizing down 2 sizes, I walked away with a new skirt for my collection. Gotta love oversized skirts that make you feel smaller than you really are.

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May 22, 2012

Work It!

Work It 1

It's time for another edition of Work It! Today's look centers around this metalic striped dolman top from Karen Kane. My stripes obession is well documented across the internet and this loose top is high on my list for outfit ideas. With summer right around the corner {and with that Ohio humidty} I'm already gavitating to flowly, comfortable tops. With that in mind, I took a stab at styling a structured outfit for the office and a more relaxed outfit for the weekend.

Work It 3

Top & Skirt: c/o Karen KaneBlazerLimitedBelt: H&M • Shoes: Alfani

For work, I thought I'd play down the flowy-ness of the top by adding a fitted skirt and blazer. Since the shirt has a great metalic stripe, I added a few gold accessories to play it up.

Work It 2

Top: c/o Karen KaneJeans & Scarf: J CrewWatch: Fossil • Shoes: Seychelles

When it came to the weekend {or weeknight as this happened to be} I thought I'd go for a comfortable and relaxed look. With my favorite loose fitting boyfriend jeans and a statement scarf - I was good to go!

Have a piece you’d like to see styled for work? Email me.

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May 21, 2012

Switching Sides

5/18/12 3

Top: MadewellSkirt & Necklace: LOFT • Sunglasses: Ray-Ban • Shoes: Nordstroms

5/18/12 2

5/18/12 4

I picked up this shirt at the Madewell Style Sessions at Kenwood Mall last week. My friend and fellow Cincinnati style blogger, Lauren, served as the stylist for the event. I'm quickly giving up my obsession with J Crew tees, for Madewell. Just don't tell Jenna Lyons I said that though....

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May 18, 2012

Passport To Style

I’m excited to announce I’m working with Kristin Hassan and her Passport to Style jewelry collection. PTS is a jewelry collection featuring fun and fresh jewelry pieces dedicated to several destinations around the world. Each stop along the PTS tour will have its own collection, reflecting the culture and vibe of the destination. Cool, right?

What girl doesn't love a little {or in my case a lot of} jewelry?! I caught the accessory bug during my first job when my clothes were limited to what would fit into a suitcase. Necklaces, bracelets and other pieces were how I added a twist to my usual outfit. Although the clothes were the same, the accessories always made it feel different in my mind.

Although my jet-setting days are over, my obsession with accessories is going strong. Over the course of the Passport To Style tour I will be sharing a different piece from each collection and incorporating it into my usual corporate outfits. You can check out the current Athens collection at the Passport To Style store or blog.

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May 17, 2012



Dress: Jason Wu for Target • Necklace: LOFT • Bracelet: c/o Kristin HassanShoes: Bandolino

5/17/12 1

5/17/12 2

Right after I took these photos, I realized it was a bit too cool for bare shoulders. A quick stop at the apartment and now I'm much warmer thanks to my new red blazer. You know, just thought you should know :)

I'm finally getting around to wearing this dress. Dress hoarding habit revears its ugly head once again. After 3 months, I figured it was about time to break it out. Maybe "break it out" isn't the right way to say it. It was more like perfect closet placement. After a night full of school and school work, I was running a bit late {snooze you get me everytime} this morning and this dress happened to be the lone item on my bedroom door hook. No need to go hunting for an outfit when you have an unworn dress right in front of you.

If only I had the time to iron it. Next time dress, next time...

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May 16, 2012

New 'Do

5/16/12 3

Top: H&M • Skirt: Asos • Shoes: Halogen via Nordstrom

5/16/12 2

5/16/12 4
I almost named this post "She Bangs" but I thought it might throw off my SEO. Not that I really use accurate keywords, but I didn't want to misguide any of the hardcore Ricky Martin fans out there. Anyways....I got my hair cut. Well my bangs cut actually. Since I can't seem to manage growing these things out, I thought I'd change it up.

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May 15, 2012

Maxed Out

5/11/12 2

Top: Madewell • Skirt: Limited • Scarf: J Crew: • Sunglasses: Ray-Ban • Shoes: Target

5/11/12 3

5/11/12 1

I'm a little late to the maxi skirt trend. Not only am I late, but I've somehow managed to neglect wearing this skirt since I found it on the clearance rack back in January {I know, I'm a bad clothes Mom}. But now I'm that I'm finally wearing it, I've learned a few things about maxi skirts...

- They are actually really comfortable {who knew?!}
- Beware rolling chairs
- Twirling is fun but may make you dizzy after the tenth time

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