July 31, 2012


7/26/12 3

Top: Old NavyPants: Ann Taylor •  Sunglasses: Ray-Ban • Shoes: Target

7/26/12 2

7/26/12 1

I'm a feeling a bit like a modern age Dorothy Gale today.

All I need is a perky pup and some glitter on my shoes and I'd be set! In fact, I'm also in desperate need for ruby red slippers that could transport anywhere. You see I'm having a bit of problem walking. After a 3 mile hills and stairs workout this weekend, I'm feeling a bit challenged in the walking department. While I wait around for a witch to fall out of the sky so I can steal her magical slippers, I'll stick to heat packs and icy hot.

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July 26, 2012


To say I have a "thing" for sunglasses is a bit of understatement. As a kid, I had a collection of shades that I rotated through on a regular basis. Most I received by way of Happy Meals or my mom's throw aways, but either way I started my collection early. To change things up a bit, I hit a phase where I turned a few pairs into as faux glasses to seem "extra" smart. This was also coincidently the same the time my little sister popped up.

In college, I hocked sunglasses as the way to the bills. And by bills, I mean my bar tab {okay, I paid bills too}. Now, I still occasionally sell shades around the holidays for a few extra dollars. As I self-professed sunglass lover {and wearer here on the blog} I thought I'd share my 3 go-to styles. While I usually wear my wayfarers most often, I get a lot of milages out of my aviators too. And for good measure, I recently added a pair oversized cat-eye frames to round out my collection.



Fashion | Aviator | Wayfarer

Are you a sunglass lover? If so share your favorite style in the comments!

*These are just a few of my favorites, but you can find similar styles in prices ranges across the board.
My favorite pair in college were $10 from Nordstrom {I still have them too}.
If they look good, rock them!

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July 25, 2012


7/25/12 2

DressOld Navy • WatchFossilBraceletStella & Dot • Shoes: Halogen via Nordstrom

7/25/12 4

7/25/12 3

7/25/12 1

I may have sprinted to the nearest Old Navy after seeing Tara wear this dress yesterday. One of my weaknesses in life {besides ice cream and questionable television} is a love for all things JCrew/JCrew knockoffs. Not only did I find this dress, but I also came with a few other adorable {and relatively cheap} pieces. Not a bad shopping day when you find 3 pretty pieces that total less than 1 dress would have cost at JCrew.

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July 19, 2012


I haven’t taken a single outfit photo this week {what you saw yesterday was from last week}. No trips to the park, no lugging the tripod, and significantly less time playing around in Elements {minus today}. With my quick stint in summer school starting tomorrow, outfit photos are surely to be put on the backburner until the middle of next week.

And I’m okay with that.

Sometimes life happens and you don’t always have your camera {or all of your camera equipment}. But thankfully I do have instagram. Here's a quick look of my life the last few days.

*Reds game for my favorite player's Bobblehead night

*Death Cab for Cutie, Neon Trees, and Margot & the Nuclear So & So's just to name a few

*Local Stash Dash to benefit Cincinnati Free Store Foodbank

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July 18, 2012

Much Else

7/13/12 2

Top: Limited • Pants: Ann Taylor • SunglassesRay-BanWatch: Fossil • Shoes: Alfani

7/13/12 1

7/13/12 3

7/13/12 4

I wore this last Friday and other than photographic proof of wearing this outfit I couldn't tell you much else about the day. Just another thing to add on the growing list of "how I'm turning into my mother". Basically, if I don't write something down I totally forget about it 20 minutes later. That or maybe I am still recovering from the weekend. Let's hope its the later and not the former. Not that turning into Bren {aka mom} is a bad thing, but I hope that holds off for another 10 years.

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July 12, 2012

Life Savers

7/11/12 2

Dress: Modcloth • Sunglasses: Versace • Necklace: H&M • Shoes: Me Too

7/11/12 3

7/11/12 1

Some days a girl just wants to put on a pretty dress and be done with it. Today is definitely one of those days! It is also one of those days where I hit snooze for a good 45 minutes before sleepily prying myself out of  bed {thank goodness for coffee!}. Probably for the best that I went with a simple dress and go kind of day. Not to mention the added plus of dry shampoo. Life savers I tell you, life savers!

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July 11, 2012

Pansy Pants

7/10/12 4

TopLimitedPantsAnn Taylor • Flower Pin: Old Navy • Sunglasses: Ray-Ban • Shoes: Me Too

7/10/12 3

7/10/12 2

7/10/12 1

Keeping with my recent pants kick, I couldn't resist these floral pants! If you had told me I'd be one of those girls caving to the floral pants trend, I probably would have laughed at you. Plus there is the whole peplum issue {another trend I thought I would be avoiding, silly hips} I'm trying to get over too. If nothing else, this outfit is proof I should really just put my fashion issues away and just go with it.

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July 10, 2012

Color Blocked

7/9/12 3

Top: NY & Co. • Pantsc/o Lisette-L • Scarf: F21 • Sunglasses: Ray-Ban • Shoes: Alfani

7/9/12 2

7/9/12 1

As you can tell from my wind blown look today, it's a bit breezy here in Ohio. Which is a weclomed change from the static humidty we've had the last week. With this change in the weather, I may finally be able to put down the remote and resume normal activities. I may.
Also, be sure to check out today's EBEW. We will be color blocking all across the blogsphere.

Color Blocking: Everbody, Everywear

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July 9, 2012


7/3/12 1

Top: Tulle c/o StitchfixSkirt: LOFT • NecklaceStella & Dot • Sunglasses: Ray-Ban • Shoes: Me Too

7/3/12 2

7/3/12 3

After all of that 4th of July celebrating, I spent my weekend doing nothing. Nothing but watching endless hours of Dawson's Creek on Netflix. And the time I did actually get up from the couch it was to see Magic Mike again.

Okay, I'm exaggerating a little bit. But honestly, the majority of my weekend was spent in doors, surrounded by fans and indulging in DC. Speaking of my newest netflix obsession, I think my love for JVDB {that's short for James Van Der Beek y'all} in the B in Apartment 23 has totally skewed my stance on the whole Dawson vs. Pacey discussion. Never thought that would happen. Consider my 15 year old self's mind blown.

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July 5, 2012

Raspberry & Dots

7/2/12 3

Top: c/o StitchfixPants: Ann Taylor • Necklace: LOFT • Sunglasses: Ray-Ban • Shoes: Me Too

7/2/12 4

7/2/12 2

Unfortunately, no 4th of July outfit or post here. Just another day/outfit at the office. Before you start calling me Benedict Arnold, please know that I did in fact celebrate and wear patriotic colors! I just didn't do the best job at capturing said outfit or really any moments from the day to be quite honest. But I suppose that's what happens when you're celebrating one of the best birthday's, right?

Celebrating > picture taking.

But isn't this top cute? It came as a part of my recent Stitchfix. I specifically asked for summer tops and the folks over at Stitchfix delivered. It was almost like they crawled inside my brain. Okay that's weird. Let's just say that did a good job :) 

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July 2, 2012

No Extras

6/29/12 3

Top: Madewell • Skirt: LimitedSunglasses: Ray-Ban • Shoes: Blowfish

6/29/12 2

6/29/12 1

Some days I probably get away with dressing a bit too casual. Normally, I would have added a blazer or scarf to dress this outfit up a bit, but seeing as it's been 100+ degrees the past few days {I'll save you the cliche thermostat photo} no extra layers were going to happen.

Speaking of things that were never going to happen, I thought the movie gods were going to succeed in keeping me from seeing Magic Mike on Friday. First a fluke thunderstorm wiped out power at my theater of choice and then after driving another 20 miles to the next theater, all but 1 of the shows were sold out. Luckily for me, my friend didn't mind wasting 2+ hours until the next showing. Next time I go see a movie about a male stripper, I'll know to buy my tickets in advance.

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