August 13, 2014

Guest Post | Out + Outfit

Hey guys! I'm blogging over at Out + Outfit today. 
Katie is another Cincinnati blogger and Madewell addict.
 Be sure to click over and check out my post
In the mean time, I'll be working away wishing I was on vacay like Katie.

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August 7, 2014

Navy + Olive

8/1/14 1

8/1/14 2

8/1/14 3

8/1/14 4

8/1/14 6

8/1/14 7

Top: Ann Taylor • Pants: JCrew • Necklace: JCrew Factory • Shoes: Madewell

Khaki pants typically aren't my friend. They have a tendency to make me look frumpy and ain't nobody have time to feel frumpy. But I didn't give up on Khaki,  every now and then I'd give her try -- hoping to find that pair -- the elusive perfect pair. And you know what? I finally found that pair. Kudos to you JCrew.

Still khakis are tough. They definitely are on the business casual side. And if you have a desk job like me, they have a tendency to look like a wrinkled mess by lunch {let's not even get into spilling your lunch -- that's a whole other topic}. But at $15 and given how comfortable {for the record these feel like pajamas} I couldn't resist. What's a few wrinkles anyway? 

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