December 27, 2012

So long 2012...

Between work, school, and blogging -- I can't believe we only we're only a few days away from 2013! Here's a quick look back at 2012.

Year in Review1 In addition to some fun outfits, lots of ray-ban sunglasses, and a few scarves -- 2012 has really been a great year! While this little place focuses on outfits, I'd be remiss not to mention how thankful I am for all of the other aspects of my life.

Between a good job which allows me the flexibility to continue my education, friends who are always willing to take a road trip {or 2, or 3} with me, and family that is always there when I need a home cooked meal -- I really am a lucky girl.

Wishing you all the best in 2013!

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December 26, 2012

LBD Wedding

12/15/12 4

Dress: MadewellNecklace: Stella & Dot •  Watch: Fossil Shoes: Madewell

12/15/12 1

12/15/12 3

Last week I styled this dress for my office Christmas Party and today I'm showing you how I wore this dress to a December wedding. Since I went with red accents earlier, I decided to go with a blue color scheme this time around. After switching out my favorite scarf for a statement necklace I was ready to go!

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December 21, 2012

Happy Friday!


Happy Friday!

I'm taking the day off from work to finish up the last little bit of holiday shopping. I should also probably get started on all the wrapping while I'm at it {should being the key word, but I'll probably lounge and watch LOST instead}. 

It's been a crazy, fast paced week! But sometimes those are the best, right? In addition to lots of LOST watching, I've also been enjoying more than my fair share of holiday treats! There was also my office gift exchange, a late-night hair appointment {got to love extended hours}, and a little work concert/party with Tim McGraw. Pretty solid week if you ask me.

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December 19, 2012

LBD Holiday Wear

12/18/12 1

Dress: MadewellScarf: JCrewBelt: MadewellWatch: Fossil Shoes: Alfani via Macys

12/18/12 2

12/18/12 4

12/18/12 3

Knowing my tendency to run straight to the mall for special occasion shopping, I decided to pick up this Madewell dress for the holiday season. From holiday parties, a December wedding, and of course NYE -- I figured I could remix this classic LBD for all the different events {not to mention save myself all the last minute shopping}.

First up -- my work holiday party which was last night at Cincinnati's Music Hall. Normally my job is quite ordinary, but our work Christmas Party is really something special! While I'm certain there were a number of tacky holiday sweaters in the crowd and awkward conversations at the punch bowl, our performer was absolutely outstanding! Even though I'm not a big country music fan, it's hard not to enjoy Tim McGraw! 
 You can check out past work holiday outfits here and here

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December 18, 2012


12/13/12 4

Top: Gap • Skirt: JCrewWatch: Fossil Necklace: Stella & Dot •Boots: Steve Madden

12/13/12 1

12/13/12 2

12/13/12 3

Tis the week when work is at its absolute craziest!
I feel like an elf with all the wrapping paper and ribbon flying around this place.
Plus there's all of my normal work duties....
At least the days are going by fast!

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December 14, 2012

That Much Better

12/14/12 1

Top: Anthro Cardigan: J.Crew • Pants: Limited • Watch: Fossil Shoes: Halogen via Nordstrom

12/14/12 3

12/14/12 4

12/14/12 2 

I'm not usually the type that coordinates my outfit with the holidays, but today is my office Christmas Party. And by Christmas Party, I mean my 2 co-workers and I will be having lunch with the added benefit of presents. So basically it's lunch with presents which is awesome.

But back to the outfit, I figured I'd wear my shirt with the biggest bow {the shirt itself is basically like a giant present} and my trusty green cardigan. It might not be very traditional Christmas outfit, but that's probably why I love it so much. Plus I wearing my animal print shoes. Animal print shoes make any outfit that much better. 

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December 13, 2012

Quick, Classic, and Painless

12/10/12 1

Top & Pants: Limited Blazer: Target • Scarf: c/o Fresh ProduceWatch: Fossil Shoes: Alfani

12/10/12 2

12/10/12 3

Sometimes there's nothing easier than throwing on a black suit. It's quick, classic, and painless.

Today I was running just a tad late {all my own fault as I hit snooze at least 3 times} so I thought what better time to throw on a black blazer and pants. Of course, I couldn't stop there. I added a silver belt, a bit jewelery, and scarf to finish it off the look. Corporate, but still very much me.

How you make a suite your own?

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December 12, 2012

Scarf? Yes, please!


There's no questioning it, I'm a bit of a scarf enthusiast. More often then not, I find myself reaching for my rack of scarves when getting ready in the morning. And it's not just when I'm heading to work.

Headed to study at school, throw on a scarf.
 Is it cold {or even a threat}, wool scarf it is.
Traveling, ex-large scarf please.
Perfect gift, scarf obviously.

If you're looking for a little holiday gift for someone {or if you're like me -- something for yourself}, check out some of these scarves I've been coveting.

1 // 2 // 3 // 4

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December 11, 2012

Easy Does It


Dress: Glam via Stitchfix  Scarf: LOFTTights: Hue • Sunglasses: Ray-BanShoes: Alfani



I'm a little late to the neon trend, but I couldn't resist this scarf.
Yellow has always been a tricky color for me, so I figured I would try to ease my way in to this new relationship and this scarf was a great starting point.

 Why yes, I do have relationship with colors.
Just like I have relationships with clothes.
Totally normal, no? 

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December 10, 2012


Insta - Nov 2b
1. Is there anything better {or cuter} than a bit of lemon sorbet on an unseasonably warm December day? I think not.

2. Despite my sister saying I'm in a polka dot phase, my one true love is still animal print. If there is any room in tiny closet for anything else {which there isn't by the way} it's for animal print.

3. My new at home sleep remedy. One part cold winter ale, one part sleepy time tea, and one part cozy bed with LOST playing in the background.

4. I'm usually not a morning person, but it was hard not to like this 8am view from the office last week.

5. New glasses! Plus another finished semester of graduate school in the books -- HOORAY!

6. A little outfit inspiration It's amazing what a little bit of planning can do. Not only am I out the door sooner, but I have a little makeshift decorative display in my bedroom.

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December 6, 2012

Copy Cat


Top: c/o Maurice's  Tee: JCrewBlazer: ZaraPants: LOFTShoes: Alfani




It's funny to think about a time before Pinterest. How did I go about saving all those great outfits I see on blogs everyday? Apparently, I used to use a lot of different ways {I'm saver, just not an organized one}. Flickr favorites, a few folders on my hard drive, I even have half a full journal with magazine cut outs. Apparently, I saved a lot of inspiration -- just not one place.

Anyways... I was going through my hard drive the other day and found a picture I saved from Kendi Everyday back in the old days of 2010. Now that I finally have a tweed blazer, I thought it was time to recreate this outfit.

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December 5, 2012

Put A Bow On It


Top: J.Crew • Sweater: LOFTPants: Limited • Shoes: Madewell



Since there is no guy in my life to put a ring on it, I thought the next best thing might be to put a bow on it. Thankfully for me, I found this gem at the LOFT. I really wasn't intending to shop last weekend, but when my sister wanted to run a few "errands" it sounded much better than lounging around. I was really good for the first 20 minutes or so of our shopping trip. I picked out a few adorable pieces for her but once she hit the dressing room my will to not shop crumbled. If I've learned anything from my years of shopping, resisting the dressing room is half the battle. Once I'm in there the chances of me coming home with something are just that much stronger.

But on the bright side, now I have a cute bow sweater. If this isn't perfect for the holidays, I'm not sure I want to know what is.

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December 4, 2012



Top: LOFT Pants: Express • Scarf: Fossil • Shoes: Alfani



My outfit today feels a little 2008. Maybe it’s the pants – which I probably bought sometime that year.  I’ve gotten away from wearing traditional “work pants” but every now and then, they’re still good for a nice work outfit. But what I really want to talk about today is my hair. Maybe it's just me, but it looks extra ombre today. I'm not sure what I did, or what concoction of products I used, but I'm fairly certain this is one of those hair days that will never happen again. Thankfully I have a blog, so at least this good hair day will live on.

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December 3, 2012

In Review

Oh November where did you go? 

Insta - Nov

Somewhere between school, getting back into a normal workout routine, and being sucked into a LOST re-watch November has flown by!

- Road trips to Lexington and Louisville to see some of my favorite girls from college
- 2 Year Blog Birthday
- A Thanksgiving Day Zumba class to burn a few extra calories
- Lots of movies -- Pitch Perfect, Skyfall, and Lincoln to name a few {and looking forward to seeing Silver Linings Playbook and Zero Dark Thirty later this month!}

Favorite Outfits:

- It's been unseasonably warm in Ohio for November, so I've gotten away with not having to wear a heavy coat a majority of the month! But it's been cool enough for tights, blazers, and layers -- my favorite!
- I also discovered the Madewell skimmer -- its been love in fashionable flat shoe wear heaven ever since.
Looking Forward To:
- Rocking this dress and these sparkly shoes to my work Christmas Party
- Almost an entire month off from school! Hooray! 
- Trying a new spinning class at my gym

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November 29, 2012

Styled By...


Sweater: Gap Skirt: J.Crew • Tights: LOFT • Shoes: Alfani



Sometimes an outfit just happen, other times you make ask your sister to pick one out for you. After our usual Tuesday night hangout {we're obsessed with New Girl and Happy Endings}, my sister Annie put this outfit together for me. I ended up forgetting to add the polka dot scarf {according to my sis, I'm in my polka dot phase} in my morning fog, but I suppose that just gives me another option the next time I style this sweater!

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