January 23, 2014

Snow Problem

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Coat: Old Navy • Blazer: Gap• Dress: Gap • Scarf: via Stichfix • Boots: Steve Madden

This weather... it snow joke! 

No really, it's no joke. After waking up late {what else is new?} I made my best effort to get out the door and beat the next onslaught of snow. I even ditched my usual coffee drive-thru in the effort of time {okay, and safety}. What do you know I ended up at work 20 minutes earlier than usual. 10 if you count my detour to Coffee Emporium in our office lobby. Hey it's no DD, but it will do! 

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January 21, 2014

Work It Out

Full Disclosure: As I'm writing this, I'm sitting on my couch post-workout. My hair in sweaty mess and I'm fairly certain there are traces of eyeliner that resemble that of a raccoon. Thankfully I slipped out of the gym without anyone recognizing me...I think.

1 // 2 // 3 // 4 // 5 // 6 // 7 // 8

Working out at lunch is my new favorite thing! But figuring out this whole getting sweaty, showering, and putting myself back together thing is surprisingly a lot more difficult than I imagined. I'll be the first to admit that I am a bit high maintenance {thanks frizzy hair}, but after a few weeks of regular lunch time workouts I've got a pretty good routine down.

For any of you out there who frequent the gym at lunch {or love a good product recommendation} here are a few of my favorite items. Here's to getting fitting and getting back to office in a {somewhat} reasonable amount of time.

The Bag: The O.G. from Lo & Sons is fantastic. It's stylish, super roomy, and fits perfectly {and discreetly under my desk}

The Clothes: Obviously, I wear more than a top and socks, but I'm addicted to the Gap and Target when it comes to workout clothes. Colorful and soft what else do you need? 

The Makeup: After a quick shower I just touch up my makeup. A quick swipe of Bare Escentuals Light Stroke and Benefit Lip Gloss and I'm good to go! 

The Hair: The mop on my head is the biggest issues, but between Bumble & Bumble Pret a Powder {it doubles as a dry shampoo and slight fragrance} and a travel sized bottle of L'Oreal Elnet my hair is fairly put together. But the real star here is the BaByliss Mini Straightener. A few sweeps and my bangs are back to normal and I'm able tame the crazy frizzies. 

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January 17, 2014

TGIF // 2

Moved my couch to the other wall today and relocated the TV. Does that count as a workout?Best $12 I ever spent on a sweater.Work uniform in full effect today! Ankle pants deserve a special place in heaven, or maybe just my closet #ootd @thelimitedMy friends know me so well! #animalprintlover thanks for the early bday gift @kellmarie13

Hooray it’s Friday! Although as exciting as that is I thought yesterday was Friday…
{major disappointment when I realized it was only Thursday!}

I've been feeling a bit bored with my apartment, so over the weekend I rearranged my living room.  
{Who knew couches were so heavy?}

Monday I relaxed, drank wine, and talked Bachelor trash with Lauren.  
{perk of having friends w/ in walking distance}

And Tuesday was another great night for New Girl &The Mindy Project.
{Sometimes I think Mindy is actually in my brain. Not only is her JC Chasez logic spot on,
but this week she made multiple Entourage references. Love her!}

I logged a few good work outs between Spinning and Bootcamp, which totally legitimized
the 4 hours of American Idol I watched. 

{and thanks to Harry Connick Jr. and this kid, I've been sucked back in}

And tomorrow I’m headed to Lexington for a little Sorority get together…
{Yes, I’m almost 30 and still a total sorority girl}

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January 15, 2014


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1/15/14 3

Top: Banana Republic • Blazer: H&M• Pants: Ann Taylor • Scarf: Madewell • Shoes: JCrew Factory

Between bad weather, the snooze fest that have been the past few mornings {okay 2 weeks}, and a  couple of not so mentionable outfits I made certain to carve out some time for photos today during my lunch break.
Turns out it was also snowing.... 

Not to mention I left my remote in my car and I forgot to take my work badge off. But I suppose that's what I get for trying to rush things. I need to remember that it's okay to slow down. Sometimes I get so caught up on what's about to happen or the next item on my to-do list that I don't appreciate what's happening right in front of me. So here's to slowing down a bit and not feel guilty if I don't get to everything thing on my list.

And if I'm looking on the bright side, the snow is kind of a nice effect don't you think?


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January 10, 2014


Now that I'm home it can snow all it wants!

Man, the first full week back at work from the holidays are rough...
On top of a post holiday 5 day work week, there was the polar vortex....
And a bit of an actual cold....

But the week did have some highlights. 
I hung out with two of my blogging besties Lauren & Sarah at M Restaurant
{even though it was Saturday I'm counting it as this week, plus the pizza was pretty fantastic}

I crafted a wedding shower gift thanks to a little help from my much more creatively inclined sister.
{the wedding shower is tomorrow, hopefully it goes over well!}

New Girl & Mindy Project returned this week so that's a win/win!
{Not only is Mindy spot-on with her love of coffee cake, her cardigan is pretty fabulous}

Not to mention the super enjoyable Love, Marilyn and Ethel documentaries I watched and loved.
{and then proceeded to tell all my friends about}

I tried a new Crossfit inspired workout at my work gym. Not gonna lie, I'm crazy sore today.
{But I'm forcing myself to go to Pure Barre tonight and get a good stretch}

And speaking of activities, this week was my first time attempting Broomball.
{Sure I fell, but the beer and sheer hilarity of adults trying to walk/run on ice was totally worth it} 

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January 8, 2014

It's Black, It's White...

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1/5/13 2

1/5/13 3

1/5/13 4

1/5/13 6

1/5/13 5

Coat: Old Navy •Sweater: Madewell • Top: JCrew • PantsThe Limited• Shoes: Madewell

I've worn a version of this outfit off and on since last winter. This sweater is a winter life saver. It's super soft like pajamas, but professional. If I ever envisioned my own clothing line that would be it:
Professional pajamas. You get the idea....

So yeah, it's freezing in the midwest everywhere. You know this, I know this. Brrr. 
So besides blogging, I've  been catching up on some reading {you thought I was going to say TV, right? Well I've been doing that too}. Since picking up Divergent before Christmas I've been on a YA reading kick. I've also been on a documentary kick. Something about the new year always make want to strive towards intellectual hobbies {although they usually last a month}. But hey I'm also reading Lean In so there's that! 

Please excuse this rambling of words, I've been on sudafed for a week now. 
Time to freshen my tea.

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January 6, 2014

Winter Woes

With temps below zero today {yes you read that correctly} outfit photos just weren't a reasonable option.
So rather than risk hypothermia here's a look at some of winter outfit inspiration. 


Sources: 1 // 2 // 3 // 4 

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January 2, 2014

Sporting It

12/28/13 1

12/28/13 2

12/28/13 3

12/28/13 4

Sweater: JCrew JeansMadewell • Jacket: Gap• Shoes: Gap

Well hello 2014! 

True to form my first post of the new year is an outfit from last year. Thanks to the holidays and PTO days I was able to get some snap some shots of this casual look. Between family time and holiday parties, I met up with some friends to watch the Kentucky vs. Louisville basketball game. The game is a pretty big deal here in the Bluegrass. Lots of bragging rights, excuse to yell at friends who like the other team, and have fun! 

Rather than sport a tee, I thought I'd throw on my trusty crew-neck sweater and my go-to utility jacket. Plus the horse emblem on my necklace adds a bit of Kentucky to the look. And hey the Cats won -- even better!

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