March 29, 2013

In Review: March


Oh March...despite a seemingly never ending winter, you've been a pretty good month. Plus any month that gives me a new Justin Timberlake album is definitely a winner. Also, apparently I'm eating a lot lately. Or at least that's what I'm choosing to document on Instagram. In other news, I still haven't found a new Netflix obsession to fill the hole that the West Wing left, but I'm not giving up yet! Perhaps, I'll give the Walking Dead a second try. Or maybe Breaking Bad or Sons of Anarchy? If you have a recommendation let me know in the comments!
- Road trip to Chicago for St. Patrick's Day!
- March Madness! With my teams out of the picture I'm throwing all of my support to my bracket winner. Go Syracuse! 

Favorite Outfits:
- You can check out the original posts here and here.
Looking Forward To:
- Reds Opening Day!
- Keeneland Opening Weekend
- Getting back involved with Delta Zeta and the trip to Atlanta for training

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March 28, 2013


3/26/13 3

  Top: LOFT • Cardigan: J. Crew Pants: LOFT Scarf: Gap • Shoes: Alfani
3/26/13 1

3/26/13 2

First things first, no that's not dandruff. Although compared to the thought of more snow I might take a bit of dandruff these days. With winter apparently going nowhere this week, I've been reverting to my winter staples -- cardigans and scarves. Nothing earth shattering about this outfit, but it's what I wore and beside a few minutes of cold ankles it kept me warm. It seems once we hit March my ability to tolerate winter weather disappeared. Granted my ability usually involved a snuggie or complaining so maybe I don't have this winter thing quite figured out yet.

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March 26, 2013

March Madness

3/22/13 4

  Top: Banana Republic • Pants: Limited Blazer: Target Shoes: Alfani

3/22/13 2

3/22/13 3

3/22/13 1

 I'm a bit of March Madness junkie. I've got the multiple brackets going, score center constantly up when I'm not watching, plus I have that nervous fan feeling thing down to a science. And while my alma mater was watching the tournament from the sidelines this year, my childhood team {also the school for my graduate program} was dancing. So when I was getting ready for work on Friday I put together my most work/fan appropriate outfit. Sporting our traditional red and black colors was a no brainer but since we're the bearcats I threw in a bit of animal print for good measure.

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March 21, 2013


3/19/13 3

  Sweater: LOFTPants: Limited Scarf: Stella & Dot Shoes: Alfani

 3/19/13 1

3/19/13 4

3/19/13 2

Time to get back to outfit posting!
I meant to post this earlier since these photos are actually from Tuesday...but it's just been one of those weeks when everything has taken longer than planned.

I'm also officially on Spring Break {although considering it's Thursday I'm also late on celebrating this!}! Unfortunately, it's still hovering around freezing here in Ohio so I added a nice little warm spring hue to these photos to help me forgot how cold and windy it was at 8am. If it's not going to be start acting like spring, the least I can do is make my photos feel a bit more spring-ish, right? 

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March 19, 2013

The Windy City

Back from my quick trip to Chicago! And after taking the day off yesterday to recuperate {read: I am old} I thought I'd run down a few of the highlights.

One of our favorite bars in Lincoln Park -- the Pony Inn.

Great poster @ Butch McGuire's
So true!

Us girls -- why yes, we did coordinate our matching headbands.
Why yes, we are wearing the same headband. Happy St. Patrick's day from Chicago!

When in Wrigleyville...
Cliche but...

Although it was a short trip and the weather was less than favorable it was a great 36 hours in the Windy City!

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March 14, 2013

Short {and quiet} Week

3/8/13 1 

  Top: LOFT • Skirt: J.Crew Scarf: Stitchfix Boots: Steve Madden
3/8/13 2
3/8/13 3
3/8/13 4
From having the office to myself, to shamelessly listening to Justin Timberlake's new album on repeat -- this week has been pretty great! I don't know about you, but every now and then I love to have the office to myself. Not sure what I appreciate more the quiet phones or the ability to turn off cable news.

 But after 3 days with no co-workers I'm ready for some friendly interaction again. Which is great since I'm heading to Chicago tomorrow to celebrate St. Patrick's Day {you can check out mypost about St. Patrick's Day Attire here} with some of my best friends.

Have a great weekend! 

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March 12, 2013

Feeling Old

3/7/13 1

  Top: Banana RepublicTee: Gap • Pants: Ann Taylor • Necklace: Stella & Dot

3/7/13 2

3/7/13 3 

I must be getting old because man did Daylight Savings Time mess me up. And by me, I mean my sleep schedule. Who knew a silly hour could mess with someone like that? But hey at least it isn't dark when I leave work now --- if only I wasn't so tired and I could enjoy the extra hour or two of sunlight. Maybe in another week or two?

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March 7, 2013

St. Patrick's Day Attire

Gap Jeans // LOFT Sweater // Gap Belt // Longchamp Bag // JCrew Top // Shoes 

St. Patrick's Day is one of my favorite holidays! That's partly because for the last 2 years it has coincided with spring break from my graduate program --  but it's more so for an annual trip to Chicago. One of my best friends started the tradition of trekking to Chicago when we were in college and different friends have been added to the mix along the way.

Each year I frantically find myself searching for the "right" green outfit for the weekend {must be equal amounts comfortable and cute} so this year I thought I'd get a head start. Sure I may have ordered a large quantity of green items but it's better to prepared than sorry, right?
ps, lots of those green items will be returned -- I'm not that frivolous

Do you have any special St. Patrick's Day Plans?
If so, share your outfit ideas in the comments!

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March 5, 2013

Mother Nature

2/28/13 1

 Blazer: Zara • Dress: Megan Neilsen • Scarf: Gift• Boots: Steve Madden

2/28/13 4

2/28/13 3

Really wasn't kidding about loving this blazer. Although there have been some outfits in between this and my last post, I'm still reaching for this guy more often than not. Since I've been sporting ankle pants galore lately, I thought I'd opt for a dress this time around. And maybe if I finally acknowledge winter and wear tights/boots that will jump start Mother Nature {she always like to defy me}.

So if spring mysteriously starts approaching this week Ohio you're welcome.
And well if it stays gray and miserable, at least I tried

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March 1, 2013

Cute & Classy Work

Screen Shot 2013 02 28 at 9.09.36 AM Conservative Work Outfits (That are Actually Cute) 
Happy Friday!
 I'm over at The Daily Muse today with some fellow stylish ladies -- check it out!

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