December 23, 2009

Part 1: Winter 2009

It’s become somewhat of a December tradition to sit down, mull over the past 12 months and hash out the important/stand out moments in my (now annual I suppose) “year in review” post. I have to admit that my records of 2009 are, well, kinda pathetic. I’ve been totally slacking on my actual journal and my online ones aren’t any better. Oh well, I suppose there’s a new year’s resolution to be found there… To be honest 2009 has been slightly blah in my book. If it hadn’t been for some of the trips and the amazing concerts this year would have been totally blah. This totally goes in accordance with my odd years suck/even years rock hypothesis.

I’ve decided to this in parts, so here we go, Part 1: Winter 2009

The first exciting part of the new year started with my first real trip to New York City. My best friend and I had become maniacs about planning our trip throughout the end of 08 and the trip was exactly what I needed after a dismissal new year’s eve. In 3 nights I fell in love with the city – and it’s become almost an 09 fascination of mine to figure out a way to relocate there permanently (a tangent for another post I’m sure). All in all it was a great re-start to 2009.

Other highlights included the first of three Kings of Leon concerts, the first being at the Palace Theater in Louisville. Another obsession of the year (cause if nothing else I am a wee bit obsessive) was concerts and this year’s were the best to date (more to details to come). Having nothing to compare it to, the first show was pretty close to amazing. If only that crazed screaming girl standing directly in front of me with her thrashing arms had been sitting elsewhere, then it would have been totally amazing. February brought around my birthday which this year was a milestone: 2-5. Although not as scary as I initially thought 25 has been filled with ups and downs, a quarter life crisis if you will.

Towards the end of winter/early spring I volunteered to serve on the University of Kentucky’s Extension Committee as the representative of my sorority. The opportunity reminded how much I missed working as consultant for DZ and reconnected me to some of old friends from my Panhellenic days, but the weekly treks to Lexington muddled some of the fun of my newest hobby. In the end Alpha Phi was selected to colonize at UK and I felt privileged to give my help to the process.

With spring around the corner, more trips and some of the best concerts EVER were on the horizon. Stay tuned.

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