December 27, 2010

Playing Favorites

12-27-10 4
{Top: LOFT, Cardigan/Skirt/Belt: J Crew, Necklace: Lia Sophia, Tights: Gap, Boots: Steve Madden}

12-27-10 5

Did everyone have a holly-jolly holiday? Did you get lots of goodies? Shockingly, I got {I’m sure you can guess} clothes! I was fortunate to receive a few lovely items and I am so excited to start wearing {and remixing} them! But getting dressed today was erringly like getting dressed for the first day of school, a feeling which I haven't experienced in a long time. I don't know about you, but sometimes I get a little overwhelmed with too many new choices.

What to pick? Which tag should I yank off first?

Just like when I was 7, I wasn’t sure what I wanted to wear first. I didn’t want to hurt anyone’s feelings. Yes, that’s right, my clothes have feelings. So do yours, so please be nice to them. They can be sensitive.
This morning was like playing favorites and I didn’t want any one piece to feel like it was the last kid to be picked for dodge ball.

But I had to make a decision because 1) I was running late to work and 2) I was getting really cold standing around in my under-roos. I suppose all along I knew I would wear this skirt. I've been pointing it out to my mom for what seems like months now. I even sent her a direct link to Kendi's blog after she wore this. I think she got the message. That or Santa did a really, really good job this year.

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  1. Happy Holidays! Love the skirt - and yes, clothes do have feelings, ha!

  2. Love this outfit!! Super cute!! Hope your Christmas was wonderful..

  3. love the outfit! your camel skirt is incredible. and i so know the feeling - don't know which one to wear first (:

  4. You have fantastic style and I love your corporate spin on fashion! The camel skirt paired with your boots and tights is really cute.
    A Slip Shop

  5. I love that skirt! The color is fabulous. I really like how you did the tights and shorter boots too...different but it's very chic.

    And I definitely feel like my clothes have feelings too. I get sad for the ones I don't wear too often, and I try not to play favorites. But I totally do. No one's perfect, right?

  6. That skirt is too gorgeous! It looks great on you!

  7. Thanks Kristen! And you're right, no one's perfect, but playing favorite is hard not to do sometimes.

  8. I have been eyeing the skirt for ages. I should just bite the bullet and get one. I love mustard yellow and hunter green paired together. You nailed this outfit. If you ever feel like purging your closet and selling some stuff, I will be first in line. :)

  9. I LOVE that skirt...mustard is just the yummiest color ever!!! And it looks completely great on you. Refined, yet fun and colorful...perfection!

  10. Goodness that mustard skirt is wonderful! I love the cut and how you paired it with the open cardi. Such a fresh, elegant look!
    I just found your blog and I'm so glad I did. Lots of great ideas for someone in an office/business casual job... like me!