August 31, 2011

Stay Dry & Be Safe

{Top: J Crew, Skirt: Limited, Sunglasses: Ray Ban, Belt: Limited, Shoes: Alfani}


I’m low on photos today. Seems I planned my arrival to the park at the same time as the volunteer who’s responsible for turning on the entire sprinkler system. She may have given me a strange look as I set up my tripod and fired off one round of photos. Then she politely asked me if I would be finished anytime soon.

And by politely I mean in that “I’m not sure who you are or what you’re doing but I’m going to be pretend to be nice to you” kind of way. I doubt you wanted to see a drenched outfit shot so I opted to move to an area sans-sprinklers. Easy solution, right? Then I noticed {with my killer someone's watching me spidey sense} some guy walking like a snail and staring at me. I’ve been stared at enough {twice today no less} at the park to discern the “what is she doing face” from the “scary creepy face”. This guy was scary creepy so I hauled it out of the park.

I made safely back to my car. Not before noticing snail man trailing like a turtle behind me. Creepy.

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  1. turtle creeper!  made me laugh.  Have a great day!

  2. I hate  that! Leaving community colleges late at night makes me a great judge of scary faces. 

    You look lovely! I really need to thrift a hot pink skirt. 

  3. Creepy indeed. I find sprinkler systems in parks so annoying, they always run them at the silliest times. Like over the lunch hour. And spraying over half the seats near the fountain. I love the colour of that skirt, so bright.

  4. I'm loving that skirt. And the fact that you wore it with gingham and leopard is making my heart flutter. 

  5. i love this skirt! you better watch out for those creepers!

  6. Another great outfit. I wish I could get such great pics using a tripod and timer- I'm hopeless at self-photography!

  7. I don't like creepy dudes, but I DO like your awesome skirt!

  8. OMGosh what an ordeal!!!  Glad you are safe and not soaked and look great!  I love the purple skirt and gingham top!

  9. that is SUPER creepy!!! glad you got away unscathed..
    love the colors! you do so well with mixing patterns and colors!

  10. YUCK.  Hate scary starers...
    The color and pattern here is lovely--so sophisticated and professional, but totally fun, too.

  11. Yikes, creepers are no good.  This outfit on the other hand is great!  Hope you have better luck with your photos tomorrow!

  12. Hate when people are weird like look adorable though!

  13. Being a stalkee is definitely uncomfortable. at least you looked super stalkable! ...that's a good thing, right?

  14. love the combo of blue gingham and purple skirt - looks like fall is coming :)

    xo Nav

  15. I'm too chicken to take outdoor photos. I have so much respect for the bloggers who can do it every day!

    I love the fuschia with the blue gingham. You look great!

  16. Creepers are the worst part of taking outfit photos.  I can't wait to
    move into a house, so I don't have to take pictures in an apartment
    parking lot.

  17. Any outside pictures I've taken so far have been in my condo complex, so I think people are too self-conscious to be creepy because then someone at a home associations meeting can be like, "Hey. Steve needs to stop being creepy."  Although, someone might bring up that there's a weirdo making her husband take pictures of her all the time.  It's a risk I'm willing to take.

  18. This outfit is great--and I LOVE the color of the skirt.  I think I commented on it last time you wore it too, but it's just SUCH a great color for you!!

  19. Oh, ick. Not your outfit, of course ... the colors of it are beautiful, but the story about the creepy man. Giving me the creeps just thinking about it!!!

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