January 6, 2012

Black & Blue

12/29/11 2
{Tee: J Crew, Sweater: Gift/Gap, Pants: Express, Necklace: H&M Belt: Limited, Shoes: Alfani}

12/29/11 3

12/29/11 4

12/29/11 1

You know {well actually you don’t} this should have been my last outfit post of 2011. But somewhere between the excitement of New Year’s Eve and the frenzy of deciding which dress to wear, this post was pushed off longer than I intended. A lot of my Christmas gifts this year were of the non-clothes variety, but I lucked out when I was gifted this sweater from my cousin. For someone who has a lot of clothes, I suppose I’m a bit difficult to shop for me when it comes to clothing {at least that’s what my mom tells me}. So I was really excited to get a something in a color I love and that actually fits!

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