May 18, 2012

Passport To Style

I’m excited to announce I’m working with Kristin Hassan and her Passport to Style jewelry collection. PTS is a jewelry collection featuring fun and fresh jewelry pieces dedicated to several destinations around the world. Each stop along the PTS tour will have its own collection, reflecting the culture and vibe of the destination. Cool, right?

What girl doesn't love a little {or in my case a lot of} jewelry?! I caught the accessory bug during my first job when my clothes were limited to what would fit into a suitcase. Necklaces, bracelets and other pieces were how I added a twist to my usual outfit. Although the clothes were the same, the accessories always made it feel different in my mind.

Although my jet-setting days are over, my obsession with accessories is going strong. Over the course of the Passport To Style tour I will be sharing a different piece from each collection and incorporating it into my usual corporate outfits. You can check out the current Athens collection at the Passport To Style store or blog.

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