August 16, 2012


8/9/12 1

Vest: Old Navy Top: Ann TaylorSkirt: Francesca's • Sunglasses: Ray-Ban • Necklace: Limited • Shoes: Toms

8/9/12 3

8/9/12 2 

 Green vest, meet my blog...Blog, meet my new green vest! To say this is the start of a beautiful  relationship would be a bit of an understatement {I've already outlined a good amount of fall outfits  - see my first outfit here}. If only all of my relationships could go as seamlessly as my the ones I have with my clothes, I'd be set. But then again, I'd have to start actually having relationships {I'm talking romantic ones here, don't think I'm friendless} to make that statement.

So yeah, let's just scratch that relationship statement all together and instead I'll go find the perfect spot in my closet to hang this lovely.

Edit // I neglected to link the vest to Old Navy. Silly me after writing a whole post about it, I forgot to tell you where it's from. Old Navy :)

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