November 19, 2012



Dress: Madewell Tights: Hue • Watch: Fossil • Sunglasses: Ray-Ban •Shoes: Madewell


I have a tendency to buy dresses for special occasions. Like this dress for a trip to Keeneland earlier this fall. Basically, I buy something pretty, wear it, and then proceed to let it hang in my closet like a prize. I like to call them trophy pieces.

I like to think blogging {or just a bit of practical thinking} has really helped me come a long way with re-wearing and getting more value out of these pieces, but I wouldn't say I'm completely cured of my special occasion shopping habit. Despite such a vibrant print, I knew I could brainstorm a few ways to remix this dress -- first up a slouchy, more colorful combo.    
Remixed Dress
 How would you remix this dress?

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1 comment:

  1. Love this dress and the cardigan that you wore with it! If I were to remix this, I probably wont stray from what you did...tights, boots, and a scarf for some warmth!