November 20, 2013

Office Equestrian

11/20/13 4

11/20/13 1

11/20/13 2


Top & Vest: JCrew • Sweater: Loft • PantsThe Limited • Shoes: Halogen via Nordstrom

If ever there were an Equestrian style work outfit, I'd say this look fits the bill {although in hindsight tall brown boots would have been more appropriate}. To say I'm in a layering groove would be putting it mildly. And seeing that it's fall, it's also, well, a bit cliche

Living in a small apartment, I have to be strategic about how I store my clothes. For some reason, I stashed this top and sweater in my dresser which is code for older clothes that I don't have the heart to donate/consign . I should make a mental note to check there more, cause apparently there are few gems tuck away in there. And well, by mental note, I mean blog post. Let's see if I remember that tip come morning... 


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