November 18, 2013

Suit & Tie

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Top: Banana Republic • Blazer: Gap • Jeans: J Brand • Purse: Kate Spade • Boots: Steve Madden

My obsessive tendencies are well documented, but today's obsession might be my longest running one.... Justin Timberlake. Saturday night a few of my best friends and I trekked to see the JT show in Columbus. On the drive up we laughed about how we'd been fans of JT's for more years of our lives than not. My first *NSYNC concert was 15 years ago when I was 14. And from a bedroom wall plastered with teeny bopper posters to 8 concerts later, I'm still a wee bit obsessed. While the posters are long gone, I still love his music {although his movies are another thing}

We headed up to Columbus in the afternoon so I opted for an outfit with some layers. I ditched the blazer once the we the show started, although by the end of the night I wished I had worn Toms instead of boots. But hey I survived! If Justin can perform 30+ songs and dance his tail off, I should be able to manage boots for a few hours. 

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