November 12, 2013

You win some

11/12/13 1

11/12/13 2

11/12/13 3

11/12/13 5

Top: Target • Blazer: The Limited • Pants: The LimitedScarf: Madewell • Boots: Steve Madden

Yesterday I over slept and had major issues trying to out together an outfit {we've all been there, right?}. So this morning I turned to my friend Lauren who's style guide basically put this outfit together for me. So thanks to her I I was able to to freeze my tail off taking outfit photos this morning.

And why yes, that is a bit of snow. Which despite looking great in these photos was just an enough to send Cincinnati drivers into a tizzy this morning. Oh well. You win some, you lose some. I'll take an outfit win any day though!  

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