February 26, 2014

A Day at the Movies

2/22/14 2

2/22/14 1

2/22/14 3

2/22/14 4

Top: Anthropologie • Pants: Michael Kors• Sunglasses: Prada • Scarf: Gift • Boots: Steve Madden

Oh well hello there! Just a quick little update from the weekend. For a brief 2 days we enjoyed some Spring like temperatures and I jumped at the chance to finally get some outfit shots in. Thanks to my girl Lauren for her photog skills and great company.  

It was a bit ironic that on the NICEST day of winter I spent my day indoors at the movies. Although I suppose if you're going to see movies, you might as well enjoy the Best Picture Nominees {well half actually}. So I spent my day with Leo, Matthew and a few other leading gentlemen. Not a bad Saturday if you ask me.... 

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