August 10, 2015


Burnt Orange 2

Burnt Orange 4

Burnt Orange 3

Burnt Orange 5

Burnt Orange 1

Burnt Orange 6

Burnt Orange 7

DressBanana Republic • Bag: Michael Kors •  Sunglasses: Prada  Shoes: Madwell

I don't know about you, but this dress called to my inner Grecian Godness. And when I say called, I mean she said "Liz buy, Liz love me, LIZ"! What I'm basically trying to say is that I might be mildly crazy and that clothes to speak to me. But besides that small issue I'm fine. Really, I am fine....

Either way, I snagged this dress and decided that I'd find an excuse to wear later. At home lounging (it feels like pajamas), maybe a wedding (hey, someone get married! Oh wait, all my friends are already...), or a date blate (that's a blogger date, cause let's be honest I don't do real dates).

And aren't you proud I managed this entire post without an "orange you glad" comment.
Oh wait...

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