March 14, 2016

Why I Became a Stella & Dot Stylist

Since becoming a Stella & Dot stylist in September, a lot of you have asked why I signed up. Yes, I have a full-time job. Definitely, still traveling and all the other things I love to do. Others of you have supported my business and wished me success {BIG thank you!}. In a few short months {I’m only 6 months in}, my side hustle has started to catch fire. So today, I thought I’d with you my Stella & Dot WHY and the story behind my side gig. 

Stella & Dot "why"

S&D encourages every stylist to have a personalized WHY. It’s a simple concept that’s the driving force behind our business. And for me, my initial why was pretty basic. 

I absolutely loved the jewelry and wanted more of it. 

I thought why not try being a stylist? I love the jewelry, I love meeting new people, what’s the downside? And honestly there isn’t one. 

Stella & Dot "why"

Since joining and launching my business in October, my WHY has evolved. I certainly still love and covet the product, but being a stylist has introduced me to incredible community of stylists. The energy of S&D stylists is nothing like what I find at my 9-5 job. And that energy and community is a key part of my drive and has spurred my growth as a stylist.

Stella & Dot "why"

Our community is full of Girl Bosses. They are doing amazing things with their businesses. Supporting families. Paying off debt. Earning flexible income. And that energy I talked about before, it's contagious. I love that I have ability to something that's my own with this business. If I want to work a few hours, I can do that. If I want to take the weekend off I can do that too. If I want to pay my rent or school loans {which I do by the way} from my Stella & Dot earnings, I can do that too. 

I love that this business is mine and what I make of it. I have a full time job that supports me and that I love, but there really is nothing like being your own boss. 

Stella & Dot "why"

Which brings to me the perks. This might be the "why" you're most interested in hearing about, and let me tell you these perks are pretty legit. Income wise, stylists earn 25-30% commission on their sales. I generally have 3-4 trunk shows a month {a 6-8 hour time commitment in total} and on average I earn enough to pay rent or pay ahead on my student loans. Some months, both. 

Not only am I earning extra money, I also get rewarded with free accessories. Less money spent on a product I love, more money in my pocket, and ALL the things I mentioned I above? It's a win/win. 

It's really more than a win/win {yep, this is me totally drinking the kool aid}. Becoming a Stella & Dot stylist is one of the best decisions I've ever made. It's flexible, it's fun. And it's a job that keeps me stylish and let's be my own girl boss.

If any of this sounds intriguing to you? Email me to learn more, or visit my site to learn more about the stylist opportunity. I would absolutely love to grow my team and have you be a part of Stella & Dot. I have team members locally, and others a plane ride away. It's all about your WHY and I'd love to help you find that with S&D

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