August 7, 2017


26 and Counting 7.24.17 1

It's official, I miss blogging. I've been feeling that way for a few months, chatting about it with friends, and as an interim started posting daily outfit looks via instagram. But that wasn't cutting it. Call me old school, but I missed my blog. My little corner of the internet that's chalk full of ankle pants and flowy tops. Is my style revolutionary? No. But does this outlet challenge me to get creative in my own closet? Definitely. 

So what's a "reformed" style blogger to do? 

As much as I love this site (and am proud that I've shared almost 700 posts here) I started getting really excited about the thought of a new beginning. I mean, the jig is up guys, I'm 33. I began thinking about a new space that is reflective of where I am now. 

So I'm closing the 26 and Counting chapter, and starting a new chapter just as me, Liz Urso. If you're so inclined, you can find my new blog here

And I couldn't say good without a big THANK YOU to those of you who have followed this space. Left a comment. Reached out on IG. I've made so many friends through the blogging community, it's a strange but funny connector. And some of those ladies are now some of my legit best friends. So if you've ever thought about blogging, but feel daunted by the scale of it, do it anyways. If you do it for you, I promise you it's fulfilling. 

So farewell, 26 and Counting. I'll miss your quirky (and outdated) theme and those original mirror photos (that are now making a comeback). But before I sign off, how about a trip down memory lane?

1 [7/6/10]1/303-9-11 14/26/11
10/4/11 411/10/11 44/12/12 34/13/12 3
8/8/12 53/8/13 411/5/13 210/23/14 6
1IMG_25781IMG_23917/22/14 5madewell champs elysees11
Anthropologie Army Green Vest 7Queen City Vignette 426 and Counting + Gild 1Kit And Ace 2
Kit And Ace 2Thread x Homage Collab 2Madewell Floral Top 426 and Counting - Grey Scale4
26 and Counting - Drapey Sweater6Okay blogging, I just can't quit you #ontheblog 😘26 and Counting Floral Top 726 and Counting 7.24.17 1

xoxo, Liz

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