July 23, 2014

Polka Party

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Top: LOFT • Pants: The Limited • Necklace: F21 • Shoes: Madewell

I snagged this shirt on clearance for less than $10 a year or two ago. And today is the first time I've worn it. UGH, I KNOW! Sure I've tried it on every now and then. And sure it looks lovely hanging there next to all of my other polka dot tops {it's a collection, really}. But today was the day to start getting my money's worth out of this top.

After work I stopped by the mall to run a few errands and while trying on a pair of Madewell jeans {I can't help myself -- they really have the best jeans} it was only fitting that the salesgirl asked me if I was more of a neutral or pattern kind of girl. If you scroll through the archives, it's pretty obvious. Patterns all the way!

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July 15, 2014


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Top: Anthropologie • Jeans: MadewellNecklace: Banana Republic • ShoesSeychelle 

You guys, I'm obsessed with this shirt. Sure I have an obsessive personality, but really this top is worth the kudos. The print is so fun, it feels great, and the back {which of course I didn't get a good shot of} is just precious. I've been living in this stop the past few weeks. With jeans, shorts, even tucked into a skirt -- this shirt is quite the all-star. 

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July 9, 2014


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Top: Ann Taylor • Pants: LOFT • Sunglasses:- Prada • Shoes: Seychelle 

Sure it's summer and everyone is all about light and airy, but I can't help but still gravitate towards black.  And isn't the embellishment darling? Nothing like a little built in necklace -- plus it's one less accessory I have to agonize over in the morning. If this shirt means I can hit snooze one more time, then welcome home lovely. Welcome home! 

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July 7, 2014


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Dress: Madewelll • Sunglasses: Ray-Ban • ShoesMadewell 

Meet my friend, Maxi.

We met at Madewell a few months back and we've become quick friends! We've been to Cali, a few birthday parties, and things are going swimmingly. If the past month or so has been any indication, I think we have a great future a head of us. 

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June 3, 2014

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Top: JCrew • Blazer: Gap • JeansMadewell • Bag: Michael Kors • ShoesSeychelles

I've really enjoyed showcasing more weekend/night out looks here on the blog! Jeans and a simple top are my ultimate go to. With summer right around the corner, I'm gravitate towards easy to wear looks. Once the humidity kicks in, I'll ditch the blazer and switch out the jeans for a skirt more than likely repeat, repeat, repeat! Sure dresses are great for the summer, but I like being able to mix and match separates. 

What's your summer go-to outfit? 

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