December 1, 2009

Is it true what they say?

My mother (Bren as I affectionately refer to her as) and I are complete opposites. She’s blonde haired, blue eyed and rail thin. I, on the other end of the spectrum, have a crazy head of dark brown curls, oversized hazel eyes and a curvy figure.

She loves sci-fi (not syfy), Vermouth, NPR, Nova and other ridiculous things. I, of course, enjoy reality TV, Stella Artois, Pandora Radio and LOST.

The only thing we do have in common is our complete and utter lack of direction. We cannot get anywhere (and I do mean anywhere) without detailed instructions. But I proudly, do not have to beat the radio to concentrate when I get frazzled in traffic.

We’re salt and pepper, oil and water, John Lennon and Paul McCartney, Jack Shephard and John Locke (I told you I love LOST). But lately, I’ve been noticing more of dear ole Bren in me. Is this the inevitable? Is it true what they say? We all become our mothers? If so, please brace yourself for me telling you the same story 10 times and not listening to 70% of what you say. Just a friendly warning. Love ya mom!

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