November 30, 2011


11/29/11 4
{Top: c/o Karen Kane, Skirt & Belt: J Crew - Similar Skirt, Tights: Hue, Bracelets: Limited}

11/29/11 2

11/29/11 3

11/29/11 1

By my count it's been raining for weeks. Granted, I have a tendency to exaggerate so what's probably more accurate is that it's been raining for 2-3 days. Either way it feels like we're in freezing cold monsoon season here in Ohio.

Regardless of the weather conditions, I had to go to work today and thus needed to put on something respectable. What's more respectable than a fabulous bordeaux bow top and a wool skirt? Iif you answered nothing, you'd be correct. Now if I could just get that exaggeration habit under control I’d have that whole respectable adult thing under control. For now I’ll just stick to respectable clothes.

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  1. I think this is MORE than respectable....its downright classy and gorgeous!! I love these little tie tops...:)
    I woke up to snow this morning in Michigan...and so these cold, frickin freezing days begin.....uggghhh:(

    A Funky Little Fashion Blog 

  2. Beautiful top.  I love bow tops right now and that is most definitely my favorite color.  Good thing for you I am not in Ohio or I might just steal it.  

  3. I love your respectable clothes. Welcome to the perma-cloud season!

  4. bordeaux /burgundy is my favorite color this autumn! you look good despite the rain, it's november, don't know what november wheater is about at your town, but in munich it's gernerally awful (grey sky, fog, rain, cold etc.) - this november was the first ever in my life it didn't rain and wasn't grey every day! xxx Anita

  5. Absolutely darling...loving that aubergine shade! And the pussybow collar is my current favourite. You've inspired me to pull out my blouse for tomorrow!

    <3 Cambria

  6. What a wonderful fall look, even though the weather is rainy and gross.

  7. I hate getting dressed when its raining. I find it so difficult to be creative! This look is great though. The color of that top looks seriously great on you.

  8. Cute shirt! I am loving dark purple this winter :)

  9. Hahaha I love to exaggerate too :) Lovin' that blouse...looks SO pretty! It's been like 80 degrees here in Boston in November and it's really throwin' me for a loop. Clearly I mean more like 55 degrees...but same thing :)

    The Other Side of Gray 

  10. It always feels like the crappier weather drags on, doesn't it? Though maybe not weather appropriate I love that outfit! The blouse is beautiful, I love the cut and the color. It looks beautiful on you!

    My Growing Obsessions

  11. respectable indeed! You are so chic!

  12. i'm in dublin on a business trip, so obviously i am supposed to look respectable, and naturally it is raining...... sigh.

    wool skirts are so versatile, especially this cool season.

  13. As always, so put together. :) Doesn't look like the rain is getting you down!

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