January 12, 2012

Cure For the Common Cold

1/6/12 1
{Top, Scarf & Bracelet: Loft, Pants: Limited, Cardigan: J Crew, Shoes: Alfani}

1/6/12 2

1/6/12 4

1/6/12 3

With grad school back in full swing, I tend to find myself reaching for pants on the days {well nights actually} I have class. While wearing a skirt all day at work doesn't bother me at all, I find myself fidgeting with skirts when I'm in class. So pants it is. I've also noticed that somewhere after our usual 8pm break, the university must turn down the heat because it's freezing by the time class ends around 9:30 {hence the large and warm scarf}. Some of my classmates have started picking up on the fact that I usually have a scarf with me in class. One even asked "how many of those wrap things do you HAVE?".

"A lot" was my obvious response. But when a scarf can double as a blanket, why not stock up?

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