January 17, 2012


1/12/12 2
{Sweater: Old Navy, Top & Tights: LOFT, Skirt: Express, Belt: H&M (Mens), Necklace: Gap, Shoes: Alfani}

1/12/12 3

1/12/12 4

1/12/12 1

I wish I could take credit for this outfit. But to be honest, this entire look is due to 2 things.

1. Seeing this adorable Old Navy sweater all over the internets.
2. Pinterest inspiration.

But that's what the internet and pinterest are good for, right? If you answered they're also great for sucking away hours out of your day or making you insanely hungry {I'm talking to all of your food pinners out there} you would also be correct.

Also, congrats to Anne for winning the Monster.com giveaway! Please e-mail me to claim your prize.

Monster.com Giveaway Winner2

Monster.com Giveaway Winner

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