July 2, 2012

No Extras

6/29/12 3

Top: Madewell • Skirt: LimitedSunglasses: Ray-Ban • Shoes: Blowfish

6/29/12 2

6/29/12 1

Some days I probably get away with dressing a bit too casual. Normally, I would have added a blazer or scarf to dress this outfit up a bit, but seeing as it's been 100+ degrees the past few days {I'll save you the cliche thermostat photo} no extra layers were going to happen.

Speaking of things that were never going to happen, I thought the movie gods were going to succeed in keeping me from seeing Magic Mike on Friday. First a fluke thunderstorm wiped out power at my theater of choice and then after driving another 20 miles to the next theater, all but 1 of the shows were sold out. Luckily for me, my friend didn't mind wasting 2+ hours until the next showing. Next time I go see a movie about a male stripper, I'll know to buy my tickets in advance.

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