June 13, 2013

The End of An Era

6/713 1

TopLOFT• BlazerLimited • Skirt: Limited • Shoes: Seychelles

6/713 2

6/713 3

I'm winding down my last week at my current job. Which is totally weird to write out, btw. 
This job has been a crazy part of my life the last 5 years. There has been new opportunities, spur of the moment business trips, and a slew of other oddities that I doubt I will never encounter in a any other job. To a large extent, this blog developed out my struggle to find my own personal style in a traditional business setting. Slowly, but surely I was able to bring a bit of flare and personality into my outfits. Sure I received a lot of odd comments or strange looks along the way, but now I am just the girl who loves bright colors and patterns.

My co-workers asked me today if they think I'll start dressing more casual, and honestly I am not sure I will. While I am definitely looking forward to a more casual work environment, I am not sure things will change much. Sure I am going through my own style transition, but I just can't see myself giving up all my blazers, skirts, and such.

So stay tuned, who knows what's in store for this girl's next 9-5 job!

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