October 16, 2013


10/9/13 1

10/9/13 2

Top: Ann Taylor • Scarf: Ann Taylor Pants: Express • Shoes: Madewell

My affinity for scarves is apparently still going pretty strong. Sure I love jewelry as much as the next girl, but if given the option between necklace or scarf, I'd chose scarf almost every time. And being the scarf fanatic that I am, I found myself bringing this lovely home with me last week {apparently my car just averts to Ann Taylor now before going home}. Between the cute pattern, the fact that it was over-over-sized, and a sale I couldn't resist this gem was added to my growing collection. A collection which is now spilling out of my scarf rack/organizer/thing. If that isn't a cue for a weekend trip to Ikea, I don't know what is!

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