November 7, 2013

Not Enough

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11/6/13 3

Top: Ann Taylor • Jacket: The Limited • Necklace: Stella & Dot • Pants: The Limited • ShoesJCrew Factory

Do you know what happened today? Surely you don't unless you one of the cubes next to mine. But anyways after another enjoyable lunch hour I got stuck in a rain shower waking back to the office. And while my purse could easily be mistaken for a suitcase, I somehow neglected to add an umbrella to my bag {aka the pit of despair}.

So what's a girl to do after a unfortunate encounter with the elements? Rather than going to her desk looking like a drowned rat, she opted to pop into the company gym and take advantage of the hair dryer and straightener in the lady's locker room.  As I told one of my new co-workers, "I like you guys, but not enough for you to see my rat's nest of hair". And with that I can no longer claim to be "low maintenance".  


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