November 17, 2015

Thread X Kendra Scott Event

Last week, Thread Cincinnati hosted a shopping party at the new Kendra Scott store at the Liberty Center. You don't have to ask me twice to play with sparkly jewelry and hang out with the gals of Thread so the evening did not disappoint!

For one, the Kendra Scott store is absolutely gorgeous {I've never seen such good indoor lightning. Seriously, I didn't think it existed}. And then there's the jewelry... It's pretty incredible. Plus with Cincy Organic Stylebar and delicious treats Firecracker Bakery, it was pretty much a slam dunk event.

I really enjoyed getting to see the KS Color Bar in full effect. If you're not familiar with KS, it's essentially a massive touch screen that lets you customize piece. You pick the style, metal, stones, and a few minutes later you're done. Basically it's magic. 

Kendra Scott e

Kendra Scott a

Kendra Scott d

Kendra Scott b

Kendra Scott f

Kendra Scott g

Kendra Scott c


Thanks to the ladies of KS for having us! 

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