April 30, 2012


4/27/12 3


Top: J CrewPants: Ann Taylor • Scarf: Gap • Shoes: Alfani • Sunglass: Ray-Ban

4/27/12 4

4/27/12 2

4/27/12 1

I have an unnatural liking for pink + green. Of all the color combos out there, I am a bit biased towards this one.

I actually hadn't planned on wearing this, but once I put on this green sweater my pink pants just magically found their way on my body. Yes magic! Although I can't be certain that I didn't black out due to sleep deprevation and just assume it was magic. Something about Sunday night TV just wipes me out come Monday morning. I blame HBO and Don Draper. While I'm at it let's throw some blame at Eastern Standard Time as well.

Now it's time for my coffee to magically appear.

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